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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. I'm pretty sure Madonna would've considered The Bodyguard film a bit too cheesy and conventional at that time. It really doesn't seem like the kind of project she'd have been into.
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  3. When she saw those ticket sales, the stratospheric album sales and smash after smash coming from that film while Body Of Evidence / Erotica struggled... you bet mother broke a vase or two.
  4. Oh we know she was pressed


  5. I can't believe I've never asked this, but what is this from? I've been wanting to know for a while and just kept forgetting to ask when I see it dddd.
  7. Thank you!
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  8. This whole Making Of is just a treasure trove of Madonna moments.

    I think I must have watched it 100 times.

    I miss her interviews with Kurt Loder - they had fantastic rapport
  9. Yeah, I wanted to post the full special as well, but it’s muted on YouTube. Very annoying.
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  10. She needs to license it from MTV and stick it on her YouTube channel.

    Would be an essential bonus too for the Bedtime Stories reissue we'll be getting at some point.
  11. If only they would release a MADONNA MTV boxset like REM did a few years back. All the awards shows performances, interviews, specials etc.
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  12. You will get Frozen ft Omero Mumba, Sinitta and Madasun and deal
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  13. She looks amazing in the latest video!
  14. I bet she secretly enjoys Motownphilly.
  15. Gosh she looks so GOOD. I forgot the Pride show is tonight. Serve it to us, mom.
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  16. Also, she's using a snippet from this amazing bootleg remix in it. Now that I'd love to see officially released.

  17. Is anyone going to the show tonight? I’d kill to be there, but updates will have to get me by.
  18. The rehearsals video! Mama is not playing this time!
  19. Ok so the album is out on streaming.

    The way the Everybody remix starts is a choice. They couldn’t have edited a more subtle intro?
  20. It’s perfect? I mean DANCE AND SING GET UP AND DO YOUR THING! It’s the promo edit from YCD, it always sounded like that.
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