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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Her ability to create a rich, entertaining, uplifting live performance is still unparalleled, 40 years later.
  2. Ghosttown though.
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  3. The legendary Jose Extravaganza back on stage with the Queen!

  4. I love her so much
  5. Wow this 16 track version really is perfect for the gym. I’m getting my life to it.
  6. Ah this woman…. Been in my life since 1984 and I still adore her.
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  7. What was the setlist for the NFT event?
  8. Hung Up (New Remix)
    Material Girl (New Remix)
    Celebration (Benny Benassi remix)

    Holiday was in the background at the end of the show and the Queens did Vogue, 4 Minutes, Frozen and other songs.
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  9. This really looks like a great performance, jealous of anyone who got to attend, I hope we get a professional recording.
    I couldn’t help laugh at her having a go at audience for being late when she gets in trouble for it all the time dd.
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  10. It is a bit remarkable. I won't lie I was worried for a moment but NOPE. She's still Madonna.

    In fact, the looks she's pulled out for the last two years of pride, you could create entire eras around... and this after the complete world building she did for the Madame X era.
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  11. She will really, truly never lose IT. Once again, how she's continued to showcase younger diverse and queer artists in recent years (often by sharing or ceding her spotlight) is fantastic.

    Also, I can't at how cute her and David are.
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  12. This is incredible.
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  13. I wasn't really giving this 1-disc version any attention, my eyes were on the 3CD prize in August - like most people here - but I've had this on repeat all day and I'm bloody well loving it. Haven't listened to some of these mixes in years. For some reason, despite being one of the most-played songs of my entire life, Vogue is really popping for me today. Can't explain it but I'm hearing it today and it's just ICONIC.

    EDIT - I do wish they'd gone with the Thin White Duck mix for Hollywood, tho.
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  14. pdf


    every time i see her perform these days I worry for her knees.
  15. She looks sooooooo good without the weird editing/filters (although Mother is free to delight in that as much as she wants of course).
  16. I assumed the whole set would hit streaming, but this one-disc version is absolutely immaculate. It’s like a cute “What If?” take on her greatest hits, and just a rush the whole way through. Express Yourself bursts to life like I’d never heard it before. Everybody is a super strong opener in this form. Even Like A Prayer which starts a little subdued, really sings by the end in this incarnation.
  17. I love this Like A Prayer remix, but it doesn’t fit the brief at all for this collection. It’s not remotely “dance”. Even the version of The Immaculate Collection would be a better fit.

    Fabulous collection overall though!
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  18. There’s an explanation in the booklet why this version of Like a Prayer was chosen, apparently this version went down a treat in the clubs back in 1989.
    It’s my favourite remix of the song so I’m glad it features, it’s also pretty much the Blond Ambition version, which, is is iconic.
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  19. Has anyone found a good recording of the full performance?
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