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The Keith Haring stuff will always hit hard cos they directly fund my position as an HIV/harm reduction case worker. It's so beautiful to see how much his work has come to prevalence throughout the city. I got to meet the board president not long ago and it was super surreal


He was super sweet

Lola doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing music at the moment, though she has said never say never, and that she’d probably do something along the lines of Shygirl and Eartheater if she did venture into that realm (which… give it to me now).
I never used to be a fan of club remixes, but over the years I’ve really grown to like them, and these remixes are just so fun and a different way of experiencing Madonna’s back catalogue, it’s so nice to have them in one package, I’m looking forward to the relentless 50 track edition.
Loving the remixes on the new compilation, praying the deluxe gets uploaded to streaming when it's released because I need moar!! More specifically the single mix of Keep It Together.

This is the second post I've read that seems a bit anxious that the deluxe version won't be released digitally. What's brought this doubt on?
Gave the remix album a listen today and it's such a burst of energy and joy. The only thing I would swap out is the Frozen remix for Orbit's Widescreen mix (pure vibes) or the Stereo MC's remix. The one they included is a bit too generic circuit mix and those fake strings are kind of gross. Also, the Give It 2 Me mix is a little uninspired but I'm not too familiar with that era of her remixes to suggest an alternative.
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A small pet peeve but I think my Apple Music was\is only showing the Deluxe. I had to click on it and then look for "other versions" to find the (available) Standard.

The (deluxe) cover... yeah it's ugly dd. But I get the appeal. It's super on the nose. I really love the Standard now, wish they swapped both.