I wasn't really giving this 1-disc version any attention, my eyes were on the 3CD prize in August - like most people here - but I've had this on repeat all day and I'm bloody well loving it. Haven't listened to some of these mixes in years. For some reason, despite being one of the most-played songs of my entire life, Vogue is really popping for me today. Can't explain it but I'm hearing it today and it's just ICONIC.

EDIT - I do wish they'd gone with the Thin White Duck mix for Hollywood, tho.

the Thin White Dick remix is basically a dub though, and they went for the edits in this collection.
Vogue single version beginning immediately after the boppery of the Express Yourself remix is an absolute moment. I really do love how the single version just gets straight to the point.
The remastering is great, I always felt the 80s / 90s remixes sounded a bit soft, but now they punch hard just as they should.
It still shocks me to think that Madonna got out of the studio after recording Vogue and thought she had a good b-side for the Keep It Together single instead of what would become one of her signature songs

I put this down to homophobia from the record company. Madonna ultimately knew best.