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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I mean, Offer Nissim isn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly the most inspired choice. I think there were probably better routes to go down. Thinking of Crookers, Planningtorock, SebAstian, Goldfrapp, White Sea, Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells, or even Major Lazer
  2. The Justin Cognito Girl Gone Wild is cute, I remember people wishing that had been the single mix. The Dada Life one is my favourite though - the song is gutter bucket trash and that mix at least makes it a fucking rush.
  3. I love this mix so much.

  4. I always liked this, because it still feels like A Proper Song, and Girl Gone Wild - we love everyone - but Girl Gone Wild always felt like a bit of a limp fish to me, and this was like BANG.

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  5. Madonna and Crookers?!

  6. I don’t get the Girl Gone Wild hate, it’s one of my favourite Madonna songs!
  7. I don't hate "Girl Gone Wild" necessarily, but it was the first time that it felt like what critics had been saying about her music for the last 20 years prior had manifested into that song. It's like a Real Housewives version of what they think a Madonna single release is (sex, religion, men in heels, lace and leather). And production wise Benny Benassi's work is extremely limp, considering how massive their mix of "Celebration" is. Basically it's everything Madonna had already done better.
  8. I was listening to Justin's "Girl Gone Wild" remix and realized how similar in sound and structure it is to "Beauty & A Beat" by another Justin (i.e. of the Bieber variety). I think they even use the same samples/stems from the original. The Dada Life one definitely takes the original up a notch.
  9. Pitchfork review is out - a 6.5

    Finally Enough Love is supposed to represent the singer’s own favorites from her extensive remix catalog. It’s an intriguing premise, promising a candid look at what this musical magpie makes of her excursions into club culture. Sadly, the compilation’s selling point also turns out to be its Achilles’ heel, with Madonna making what can only be seen as some pretty weird selections from her remix archive.

    Looks like they weren't fans of the 'lesser' remixers, nor the fact that edits have been used rather than the full length remixes.

    Meh, I actually prefer the edits in truth outside of a club setting.
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  10. Pitchfork does not like the latest Madonna release? Shocking.
  11. Now they think Confessions is "fantastic"? Cause they rated it 6.2, lower than these remixes.
  12. It says the remixes were chosen because they were her favorites, but I thought they were chosen because they were the ones that went to Number 1 on the Billboard Club Charts. I don’t recall her ever saying these were her personal favorites.
  13. It's not a specific remix that tops the chart. The *package* of, say, Music mixes went to number one, so she can choose her favourite of the bunch. Guess she liked Eddie Amador's mix of Give It 2 Me best, etc.
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  14. Plugs this one again. Love.
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  15. The press release said her personal favorites:

    To celebrate this historic milestone, Madonna curated two new collections: FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE: 50 NUMBER ONES, a new 50-track collection that includes her favorite remixes of those chart-topping dance hits that have filled clubs worldwide for four decades, and an abridged 16-track version, simply titled FINALLY ENOUGH LOVE.
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  16. Was that "review" written by that same Mariah lamb and professional Madonna hater (website, blog and all) who went on a personal crusade against M with his Madame X "review"?!
  17. Can I just say I always despised that noisiness and weird vocal effects on the original Give It 2 Me? I think it’s a complete messy song! But now with this mix I’m in love with it? The vocals are much clearer.
  18. Each author is named, so see for yourself! Hint: It's not the same person.
  19. I'm sure if she included the full length remixes including the 11 minute version of Frozen Club Mix, they'd also have a problem with it. It makes perfect sense to include edits to make it a more digestible listen, rather than several minutes of empty beats.
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  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    And even in a club setting those minutes of beats at the start and end are (as far as I know) usually used to transition into another song. I wouldn't enjoy a night out where there'd be 3 minutes of beats after and before each song.

    In the context of the album I already found them pretty useless at the start and end of the Girl Gone Wild mix used
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