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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Drop it NOW I’m BEGGING
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  2. David was feeling the fantasy.

  3. Sorry for all the videos but been listening to Madonna remixes all day and feeling very
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  4. Broken vinyl was on eBay and I had a sudden impulse to own it, so I put on a bid, and then another, and another, but I was constantly outbid, clearly a sniper, it went for £280 in the end but I wonder what the snipers maximum offer was.
  5. Was it a legit copy? That's a pretty low price compared to what it usually lists and sells for.
  6. 61B213BA-0389-4738-97C5-111F63B8D466.jpeg
    this is the listing I had no idea it goes for more, roughly how much do you know?
  7. The lowest price on Discogs right now is $900, while the lowest on eBay is roughly $600. It typically sells within the $350–$650 range.
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  8. Her kids all being 100% iconic, talented legends. Mother and mother.
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  9. I still get chills from the Madame X Tour performance of ‘Frozen’. Even if it makes me feel ancient dddd how is Lourdes grown?!?!
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  10. She's more into teasing it for 6 months, then drop it when all the hype is gone...
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  11. American Pie video FINALLY in hd

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  12. Speaking of "feeling old", I can remember my year 8 tutor asking the class what we thought of this track, whether it was better than the original etc.
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  13. I didn’t think anything of Steven’s post when he first made it, but I’m looking at it differently now after M’s post seemingly suggesting more things are coming…

  14. Let's hope the new photoshoot is going to be a little bit different from the last one from V magazine.
  15. Maybe they are doing a video for the remix of Material Girl.
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  16. I’m just glad it (seems like) those new remixes are seeing some kind of release. I expected them to stay locked in the vaults forever given how these things usually go with her.
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  17. You'll get a remix called Frozen Girl and you'll have to like it or lump it.
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  18. Sounds like a Tik Tok hit.
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  19. I appreciate their work together but Steven Klein always gives me bad vibes.
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  20. I know exactly what you mean.

    There's some scary energy there for sure but I guess that's what makes his work so interesting.
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