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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She’s a great mum in supporting her kids. But David’s music career will go the same way as his football phase.
  2. Wild thought but maybe he’s just doing it for fun
  3. This is not it. It's frankly pretty weird that you're going after a kid.
  4. There. Better post.
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  5. His football phase gave us Madame X so
  6. David has the world at his feet, I think he will be successful at whatever he decides to do, he's still a kid thou so plenty of time to figure it out.
  7. She has repeatedly said in interviews that out of all her children David is the most like her, in terms of tenacity, determination and work ethic. Time will tell what will come of it. But whenever someone has a dream and determination to work hard at achieving it, that should be commended!
  8. Main pop girl David... here for it!
  9. Totally random but Lady Gaga and Madonna followed each other on TikTok.
    I would totally be here for a collab one day on anything.
  10. I’ve been listening to Ray of Light a lot these past few days and it’s such a timeless record I don’t think it’s aged a bit this and Confessions are her two albums that could be made today and still be as successful well if ageism wasn’t a thing.

    Sky Fits Heaven really is the single that got away, also possibly her best demos as well I haven’t listened to them in years but Like a Flower, Revenge and even the originals versions of the album tracks sound great I mean it would be a completely different record.
  11. The Material Gworl remix feels really in the vibe of what PC Music fans, non binary teens and trendy people I wouldn't know how to label -if we really had to- are listening to nowadays. It really fits an interesting scene

    I don't get why it's not released yet
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  12. Frozen remix took about a month to get on streaming platforms when the demand was there. which I imagined was down to licensing etc so it could be the same with the new Material Girl, it seems she’s really into it so I’m sure we’ll get it soon enough.
  13. Saucy Santana confirmed it is coming, so not worried about that aspect… just a matter of when. I’m sure it’s down to licensing and agreeing on track splits. Also if it is actually part of something larger, I could see her wanting to have everything in order before moving on it. I just hate how long it takes for her to get anything out.
  14. She grounded her kids for beating her didn’t she? The clown emoji is sending me.

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  15. There’s some new merch and that I’ll teach you how to fuck T-shirt selling out already…sad!
  16. The Erotica tshirt is still available in the UK shop (size M and L sold out).
  17. You're allowed 2 Madonna albums to listen to for the rest of time, everything else gets deleted. Compilation albums are allowed.


    The Immaculate Collection
    Ray of Light
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  18. Ray of Light
    Madame X

    This is a sadistic question though.
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  19. 'Ray Of Light' and 'Music' for me.

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  20. Finally Enough Love: Fifty Number Ones
    Ray of Light
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