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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. What’s your problem? God. Finally…
    on ignore!”.
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  2. The MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLS are fighting!
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  3. Looking forward to hearing the remixes, especially for Impressive Instant, that's one of her best ever songs for me.
  4. Impressive Instant is a great choice considering it wasn't a proper single and this could give it new exposure. especially if a remixed Drowned World Tour video is ready to go with it?

    MATERIAL GWORL... let's see how it goes. The performance was a fun watch, I'm always open to new Madonna music but I'm curious to see how the tiktokness of it will compare against more developed projects like the Beyoncé album dropping on the same day.
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  5. Very much looking forward to MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLL!
  6. Shouldn’t it be out in New Zealand now?
  7. The 'Impressive Instant' remix has always been a favorite of mine so I'm excited it's finally getting a wider release. And obviously the 'Material Girl' remix is exciting...hopefully this will make her more open to releasing some of her live remixes in studio form.
  8. Impressive Instant now out down under but the other one (I'm not typing that title out) obviously being held back for a simultaneous worldwide release later today.

  9. Speaking of Material Girl and rappers, I remain surprised and disappointed to this day that Nicki Minaj's Muny doesn't incorporate a more direct sample. It's in the same key and everything, which has always made me wonder if it was supposed to but it couldn't get cleared

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  10. No Material Gworrrllll as yet.....
  11. I'm not sure it was a good day to release Material Gworl on the same day as Beyoncé's first solo album in 6 years, so fine by me.
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  12. The original date was next week, Madonnanation said it was this week (always the worst).
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  13. Do you think there’s still a chance of getting Madame X show on Blu-Ray?
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  14. This stuff deserves a remaster.
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  15. 'Battle for your life, strike a pose'
    I would be so here for a Gaga / Madonna mashup of Babylon / Vogue

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  16. Is Material Gworrrrl or whatever this new version is called getting released then?
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  17. It is coming on Friday!

    ARTIST:Madonna and Saucy Santana


    Label: RRW/Rhino/Warner Records

    Config & Selection #: IS

    Street Date: 08/05/22
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  18. The free font dd - where did the crayons guy go.
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