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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Material Gworrllllllllll is out tomorrow

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  2. SUMMER RENAISSANCE reminded me of Future Lovers/I Feel Love (Live) from the Confessions Tour and I just watched it again and honestly I have no idea how any gay person made it out alive. She ate.
  3. Yes, I still can’t understand why I’m still breathing and I saw it three times live!
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  4. dddd why am I so excited for this.
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  5. So excited for this. Sounds great!
  6. Are we thinking we'll get the first bit of reissue news on her birthday this year?
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  7. I hope so. They said it would start this year right? I really want to know how much thought and care is being put into them.
  8. Not to mention the announcement itself being a year old at this point!
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  9. Next year is forty years since the debut album right? I pray we get something.
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  10. Saucy Santana is doing tonight the Jimmy Fallon show
  11. Hope so. I also wondered if the announcement would come on Oct 6th which, according to Wiki, was the date ''Everybody'' was released.
  12. Artists are here to disturb the peace.
  13. This is pretty awful.
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  14. You just said you know the title is supposed to reference a meme and then continued to question why it's titled the way it is... Like, you already answered the question... But sorry that reading "GWORRRLLL" is so distressing to you </3
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  15. If butchering one past hit after another is your way of punishing us for letting Madame X flop, I promise I'll stream your next studio album, Mom.
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  16. OK speller
  17. My “I’ll Teach You How To F**k” T-Shirt has dispatched, now where on Earth do I wear this???
  18. You know what, you got me there actually. It’s supposed to be a fun song anyway.
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