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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I mostly like it, despite it being pretty simple novelty rap. She sounds good. It's certainly light-years beyond whatever her contribution to "Champagne Rosé" was.
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  2. It's very cute - it's giving 90s MTV animation flashbacks
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  3. I thought they were using the great visuals recorded during the performance, shown on Instagram

  4. It's not simply the quality of the lyrics that bother me; I love Bitch, I'm Madonna after all. It's the obnoxious 7 Rings "haha I'm not broke" energy that I dislike. I get why y'all are enjoying this, but I don't really want that junk in my ears.
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  5. This is the lyric video though, maybe the performance is coming as the official video.
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  6. M bopping to Ultra Nate's Free (using a horrifying disco ball head filter) and sounding lovely on her stories made me smile. She mentions a DiscOasis appearance this Wednesday, I'm assuming related to Finally Enough Love?
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  7. Yes, with Nile Rodgers. She will on Fallon too that day.
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  8. Im kinda glad she’s not releasing any proper new music right now.
    Because the Frozen remixes and this Material Girl remix are utter rubbish.
    Glad most of you are enjoying it, but I can’t get through the whole song.
    I’ll go back and listen to Madame X for now.
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  9. Preach the truth!

    I dunno what everyone is applauding... "She's having fun"... Oh well each to their own.

    I can't comprehend that this is the same woman that gave us Ray of Light, Erotica and Music. She regressed so hard it's tragic (and this comes from a lifetime fan).

    Unfortunately, I wasn't keen on Madame X either though, I get it as a concept and both Music and American Life were brilliant work so on paper a new Mirwais project looked promising, but unfortunately her second worst album to date (with only MDNA beating it). It's clumsy production wise at part and those infantile "on-the-nose" literal lyrics on some of the songs that could have been written by some of her youngest kids (like on Killers... for instance).

    These remixes are not good, is she really testing her music on her youngest kids these days as quality control?
  10. Madonna can simultaneously give us remixes with up-and-coming artists and give us a cohesive, adventurous album like the ones you mentioned (which I believe she did with Madame X). I don't see how anyone can call working with a new generation of musicians a "regression" when it's brand new territory in her career. Nobody with her resume or catalogue is doing this. As a longtime fan myself, I think it's pretty thrilling. Even if I don't love the results every time, I love that she's staying active and experimenting with her art.
  11. I love Madame X and MDNA. Guess I'm easily pleased or just don't have that "expert ear and inexplicable taste" others are blessed with.
  12. You can't really compare Madame X and MDNA – very different recording process (and results)
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  13. It's crazy how people try to reduce this material girl mess to a "fun vs seriousness" debate when we are clearly talking about the quality of the music, the effort put into it, etc.

    Madonna was being fun on Supernatural and it rocked. She was being serious on Hey You and it sucked.
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  14. I think the Sidekick Frozen remix is really good though, just really short.
  15. Still enjoying The Queens remix of Break My Soul. Shows how timeless Vogue truly is and why forever my favourite Madonna single.
  16. My take on MDNA vs Madame X is that I don't really listen to either, but at least on Madame X she was trying to do something different. MDNA just sounded like (badly) reheated leftovers.
  17. Quick question for the collectors - Diplo posted on his Instagram story that he got her debut in this rare pressing, 11 out of 100 copies made with the sleeve below. Back cover is the same. Can't seem to track this down, anyone heard of it before?

  18. Some people seem to take Madonna doing something not to their taste/personally cringe as some personal reflection on their own self worth, its very...telling.
  19. The pressing is written on in marker pen so I doubt its official. Is the red / green circle on the cellophane rather than the sleeve itself?

    The rear sleeve says ‘for Kalisa inc’ which appears to be the distribution for her early catalogue for Australian releases -
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  20. Maybe it’s not for you to comprehend anymore. Madonna has always been about tapping into youth culture and moving forward, so I’m not seeing how that’s not the same woman who released the albums you’ve listed when that’s what they were doing as well. Maybe it’s you, a supposed lifelong fan, who has changed and not Madonna. It’s fair enough to say the material isn’t for you, but for some of y’all to go as far as to say there’s no effort and calling her recent output a regression seems unfair and inaccurate. Personally, I haven’t seen her as creatively energized as she has been since 2015 in a very long time, and it’s great to see her find new ways to keep herself fulfilled.
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