Westfield London shopping mall loves a bit of Madonna. I work nearby and when I go in for lunch I usually hear a track from our fave - today it’s Give It 2 Me. Yesterday it was Beautiful Stranger.
We don’t, but those were not hits and the videos were already included on the (superior) Video Collection 93-99. Oh Father and Fever are also missing.
Another reason was probably also space, since the dvds were already packed and they were single layer.
Another one of the reasons why Celebration was the worst thing ever.
It was really really bad. They had TWO discs to work with, more than enough to fit all of her videos in great quality and fucked it up by making them single layer.

good thing we are beyond that now with the upscales being made available on YouTube
Loved the Pokémon inspired Bitch I'm Madonna artwork nn.

Would have loved if this ended up as the official cover, though. Didn't someone on here make this / say that her team reached out to them about using it?


Although the mixing on Rebel Heart is dire across the board, it's especially egregious on 'Hold Tight'. I really wish they'd go ahead and remaster the entire album honestly. I still adore it, obviously, but those songs deserve better.
Kate Bush did a remaster of Director’s Cut and 50 Words for Snow only seven years after they came out, so it’s not completely outside the realms of possibility.
I get why there are criticisms about Rebel Heart being bloated but…I wouldn’t cut anything? I’ve been in a complete Madonna mood since Finally Enough Love dropped so I’ve been listening back to all her albums and as…bombastic…as the album is, I still feel every track on Rebel Heart deserves its place. That could just be the stan goggles…it was certainly a joy to see how present and hungry she was again on that album…but each track on its own ranges from great to amazing so, shitty mastering aside, I couldn’t imagine parting with any of them. The album was Madonna finally embracing her crazy side and the apocalyptic themes proved oddly prescient…the messiness feels like a part of the entire package, for better or worse. I could never change that.
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I wouldn't cut anything from Rebel Heart either.
If anything (besides the obvious much needed remastering) I would seperate the Rebel songs and the Heart songs into two parts.
I think that was the original intention? The track order has always been a bit off.
Even with all that it's still my favourite album she has made since Confessions, Madame X comes very close but there's a few tracks I don't love. All the Mirwais tracks are stellar though.