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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. FNAC had a Dita image in store for Finally Enough Love, so you could be right.
  2. Do you have a photo of this?
  3. Serving once again!

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  4. Free the nipple, Queen
  5. She should just call her next album Bangers from the Bathroom and be done with it.
  6. Queen of serving on bathrooms, either be public or luxurious. The growth and consistency... We love to see it!


    The unphotoshoped reflections on the mirrors ...
  7. Name a more iconic duo than Madonna and a bathroom.
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  8. This HAS to be added, too!!! Tic1.JPG
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  9. I know.......
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  10. 920AF263-4EAC-4816-BA87-F360F2B2622D.jpeg
  11. Here for a the 12" single picture disc release at the end of September, and then a blue/white split 2LP in October x
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  12. I just popped to HMV to take advantage of the 30% off vinyl sale, and I noticed they didn’t have any copies of the Finally Enough Love 3CD set or the clear vinyl. I’m wondering how limited the 3CD set is as Rough Trade appear to be out of stock too.
  13. *whispers* I live in my bathroom….
  14. Wow! Thanks!

    You mean, Where’s the Potty.
  15. I just re-watched all the music videos of Madame X. I’m so proud of her. These are not only good but intelligent and nuanced in ways she often is not on social media. Sorry for changing subject but this collection of videos is superb and a great extension of her videography.I’m looking forward to new music and new visuals
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  16. She's been posting pictures from the twins' birthday (the theme of which appeared to have been "Wigs", slay) and this sent me into orbit for no reason


    Her stories are pure art.
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  17. She posted and deleted this one A4496C3F-2D98-4698-8394-E40C561DE0D5.jpeg
  18. 'I like to quote James Baldwin whilst pretending I'm Frida Kahlo... I can't feel my face'.

    This is still absolute perfection, right down to the cadence of her speaking voice.

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  19. Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna? I don’t hate it.

    (Madonna herself will hate it, though, I'm sure of it.)
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