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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ddd ‘Have you read my Sex book?”

    I love her so fucking much.
  2. Tour next year then?
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  3. And is she alluding to a possible new album to be made soon featuring house music?! Or is that wishful thinking on my part?
  4. Sex.
  5. Her confirming that she wants to revisit house and bringing up Dita Parlo again...I am going to combust
  6. Yes Mama, make us DANCE #soon
  7. I ran in here to ask this! Hearing the words "upcoming album" made me shake.
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  8. She looks incredible and is so much fun !!

    New house themed album please mum.
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  9. Why is Alexa asking her questions ff
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  10. She really is looking quite stunning. Mama is serving fetus in the womb.
  11. House and Sex… 1992 all over again!
  12. I love that she's so open and flattering about the Sex book. For a long time, she was made to be ashamed of it. Which is why I would love an Erotica 30th anniversary deluxe reissue and Sex being reprinted with outtakes.
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  13. She's really going to make a sexy dance album isn't she! I feel blessed.

    We'll ignore Killers Who Are Partying being her fave on Madame X
  14. Oh, if she tours it'd finally be my chance to see her live. Bring it on!
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  15. It would be fitting if I Don't Search I Find and a remix album named after it ended up being a bridge to the next album.
  16. Can somebody please make a gif of her saying “It’s Britney, bitch!” - I need it.
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  17. Oh wow, so the worst song from Madame X is her favorite? Hope it's not an indication of what to come...

    Other than that pretty entertaining clip and she looks great, would prefer she doesn't go down the house/dance route for a next album though (I know, unpopular opinion since most stans seem to want her to release a new COADF every second year).
  18. Sonically, I can see why she likes Killers the best; its sound is basically the sonic thesis of Madame X.

    And she was oblivious enough to write those ridiculous lyrics, so I wouldn't expect her to find fault with them.
  19. Killers is absolutely the best sounding song on the album so she's got good taste there. I honestly expected her to say her favorite Madame X track was I Rise.

    The lyrics...are what they are and I know what I'm not etc. and at this point I kinda just tune them out when I listen to the song, like it may as well be in Simlish dd
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