Oh wow, so the worst song from Madame X is her favorite? Hope it's not an indication of what to come...

Other than that pretty entertaining clip and she looks great, would prefer she doesn't go down the house/dance route for a next album though (I know, unpopular opinion since most stans seem to want her to release a new COADF every second year).
Killers is absolutely the best sounding song on the album so she's got good taste there. I honestly expected her to say her favorite Madame X track was I Rise.

The lyrics...are what they are and I know what I'm not etc. and at this point I kinda just tune them out when I listen to the song, like it may as well be in Simlish dd
Also, I'm going to be pedantic - being excited at the idea of a house inspired Madonna album at this point in her career isn't the same thing as wanting "another Confessions" from her, in my opinion. Confessions is absolutely a dance record, but I wouldn't call it house inspired, really - the closest it gets to that is probably Get Together or Sorry and even then those have more in common with Giorgio Moroder's euro-synth-disco than anything else.
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