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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The trippy post-chorus breakdown on Killers remains my favorite moment on the album.
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  2. Also, I'm going to be pedantic - being excited at the idea of a house inspired Madonna album at this point in her career isn't the same thing as wanting "another Confessions" from her, in my opinion. Confessions is absolutely a dance record, but I wouldn't call it house inspired, really - the closest it gets to that is probably Get Together or Sorry and even then those have more in common with Giorgio Moroder's euro-synth-disco than anything else.
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  3. Her constantly answering sex, mentioning Dita, talking about the Sex book, making house music's all making me think Erotica really could be one of/the first reissue for its anniversary. I feel delusional thinking that ddd.
  4. Could definitely be wishful thinking on my part, but Shep Pettibone’s participation in the Billboard article for Finally Enough Love could be a clue. Judging from his Twitter post in 2014, relations had been frosty. Hopefully, that’s thawed. Fingers crossed.
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  5. I remember when I first heard Madame X it was my hope there would be more of this type of music from her.

    Maybe she can just collaborate with Honey Dijon on an entire record ?

    Also gagged at her comment re: Rebel Heart being her most difficult album to make !
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  6. Shep has been talking about Vogue etc for years now, but he really doesn’t produce anymore. I’d rather have her working with someone new (of Stuart) for an house album.
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  7. I was referring to the hoped for Erotica reissue. And in fairness, when he does speak about Vogue, it’s usually in the context of lawsuits related to Vogue, and the song’s legacy, rarely in support of her Madgesty.
  8. The new songs on The Immaculate Collection were basically a bridge to Erotica and same for Celebration to MDNA, so hopefully this is the case for the next album, hopefully Honey Dijon being in the studio with her earlier this year means talks have been had.
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  9. Oh my god. I asked “Blond Ambition - ponytail or curls?” on her Instagram story, and although I’m sure someone else somewhere might have asked it, I’m going to dine out for weeks that she answered my question.
  10. What did she answer?
  11. Sex.

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  12. The corrrect answer.
  13. Well he talked about it for the 30th Anniversary. He also was quite rude to Lola’s song on his fb.
    Anyway I’m all for the Erotica Reissue, but Shep the producer days are long gone.
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  14. WATCH IT!
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  15. Agreed, Confessions is a dance album but not a house record. Erotica is her house album.
  16. Still the most fascinating human being, loved this.
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  17. For people who are waiting for their Finally Enough Love boxsets from Madonna's UK store, the store has emailed to say they'll start shipping from this Friday (2nd September).
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  18. To the (I assume) fellow elder Millennial homosexual who drove past me blaring Madonna this morning in our little bumfuck NC town, keep doing the Lord's work sister! <3
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  19. I love blasting the poppiest 80sest gayest music from my car.
  20. I don't mind a dance album but there needs to be a twist to it for me to fully invest. Dance albums from pop legends like Chromatica and Disco left me cold because there was not much imagination in the production (though it's the lyrics that really killed the latter for me). Both records play it so safe as to be not very exciting. It was basically: "Here's some dance music. Enjoy!" without any real creative hunger. And while Madonna does tend to be more musically left field than Gaga and Kylie, she does play it safe sometimes and that's not what I want from her when she's not going to do anything chart-wise anyway.
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