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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It’s amazing.
  2. I bet the person who read this didn’t even listen. It doesn’t actually review the music but regurgitates what the reviewer thinks to be witty lines.
  3. Mvnl

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    The way “I’m sure it sounded great in Ibiza or something’ reads like intended shade when discussing a club mix..???
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  4. He's a straight, white, middle aged fan of 'proper music' what did you guys expect dd. And he probably saves good reviews for projects he profits from which didn't happen here so...
  5. Not me thinking he was gay this whole time. The queer baiting!
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  6. Any further news on the Erotica 12" picture disc? I have not seen it pop up on any other sites for pre-order...
  7. Is it the toe picture or the album cover?
  8. Yeah he’s been pretty clear that he doesn’t like house music, and that Now 8 was the last good Now compilation before House music became a thing, so I really don’t know why he thought he’d enjoy a compilation based on club mixes.
    His readers can’t get their head around the concept, so many comments like “she’s neglected the 80s! I’m not buying!” It’s quite embarrassing.
  9. Didn't he straight up refuse to review Madame X for some dumbass reason?
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  10. He refused to do a post regarding the Madame X formats because he didn’t like Medellin, which he eventually did post because fans and readers complained and called him out, he then did a complete 180 a year later because he went to see the Madame X tour and realised he actually enjoyed the album, and did a positive write up on the show.
    He’s one big walking contradiction.
  11. I remember that nonsense lolol. IMAGINE not thinking this is the greatest comp of all time:
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  12. I go back on forth on the 7” Like A Prayer mix but I do love how overtly Prince it is, especially as it closes out. Total late 80s Batman era Prince vibes. Where his contributions to the main album (and the most well known versions of the title track) aren’t maybe as obvious, he leaves his mark here.
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  13. The original is the toe picture and that’s what I want!
    Anyway, no news yet it was removed from the website but they will announce something new around the Everybody release (so late September/Early October). They guy from MadonnaAustralia said they already have the next 18 months planned.
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  14. It's always crazy to me how nowadays you have Clean Bandit ft Cher & Whitney Houston (Omero Mumba Remix when in the 80s collabs were seen as a weak move and something to be hidden.
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  15. It's an great remix. Nothing can quite top the original album version, but am enjoying this alot more since the album came out a few weeks ago now.
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  16. Why were they seen as a weak move?
  17. Duets and collabs the second half of the 80s were seen as cheesy and something b-listers did for movies or once past their peak. It was the 80s.
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  18. Does anybody know what song William Orbit sampled multiple times on Madonna tracks? I'm thinking of the Ray of Light remix, Beautiful Stranger, Amazing and I'm a Sinner beat.
  19. Cute interview with Donna.

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  20. You mean the drums? I think it’s not a sample but he created it. It’s also on Black Coffee by All Saints.
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