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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. There's a great early demo of Ray Of Light that samples Straight Shooter by The Mamas and The Papas but yeah as far as I know the drums are a William creation

  2. The bleep bloops and the drums are all WO.
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  3. Bleep bloop QUEEN. Charli XCX whomst?
  4. Mom's bleached her photoshoot incoming ?

  5. We really about to head into Erotica era celebrations? Lemme pray

  6. Alien Superstar… Masterpiece Genius!
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  7. After the way she brought up Dita again in the 50 questions video, I can't help but wonder...
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  8. Me whenever the memory of Madonna implying on the 50 questions video that she has an upcoming House album pops back into my mind:

  9. Obsessed with the way the filter glitched out in this shot making her look like a Terminator in the Eyes Wide Shut cult

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  10. I’m all for her leaning into the super stylized, over exaggerated imagery for whatever she’s doing. People are going to talk shit about the work she’s had done either way. She should just embrace it.
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  11. I am deceased
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  12. I can’t believe she is actually making the video for Hung up that lachapelle originally wanted to make but she hated!
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  13. Iconic.
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  14. I am already salivating.
  15. And there's me thinking the Hung Up remix was just dumped out there as a promo purchase bonus track and forgotten about.

    Fantastic she's making a video for it and what a look as well !
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  16. the red hair a reference to the original era
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  17. Hung Up is still that bitch, I never tire of hearing it.
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