Where are those photos of Madonna carrying a strap-on in a see-through plastic bag when you need them.


Tonight, Guy is "The Missus"
Yes I don’t get why is everybody (dance and sing!) worried about the reissue strategy. We had a brand new 12” for CAC, a three discs dance collection and we are getting the ultimate holy grail for collectors next month. And this is happening even before her true 40th anniversary. Everybody was released in October 1982 but the first album in July 1983. What’s the rush? Oh, we also had some new remixes. She did more in the last 6 months that most artists, even younger, do. We’ll get the deluxe albums editions as said in the original press release and the Paper interview. They are going to announce something new around Everybody’s anniversary next month.
And yes, this is cool!

Why are people acting like this Erotica picture disc IS the extensive reissue campaign announcement we’ve been waiting for when it’s clearly not? It’s just another side dish being made available like they did with Who's That Girl Super Club Mix – nothing to do with the main course.

The announcement will come around October 6th, when Everybody is 40!

I know you’ve been waiting… yeah, I’ve been watching you… yeah, I know you wanna get up… yeah, come on!


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