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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. So it's called "Hung Over"? Interesting.
  2. Ok but the car alarm during the buildup really makes this. BOP.
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  3. 'Hung're making me hungover' is a genius line.

  4. The way she's casually walking away lsdkjsflfdjs
  5. I’m so glad that video resurfaced.
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  6. I never saw that video before and in a way I never lived.
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  7. Ha magnum opus.
  8. Well you guys called it. Erotica 30 year anniversary reissue.
    Pull the trigger Piglettttt
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  10. What a great news!! Her recent look is definitely fitting an Erotica revival!

    update: damn it’s not that exciting after all
  11. Oh, I was hoping for a full on reissue not just a picture disc. That said, I am glad they are reissuing out of print and rare items, they did that for Prince's catalogue as well along with the super deluxe reissues.
  12. Well we don’t know yet, but THAT picture disc is the holy grail of all picture discs. An Erotica deluxe will surely coming anyway.
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  13. It looks great too, I always liked that picture. Maybe I'll snatch it even if I don't have a record player. I never knew Erotica had a radio edit though.
  14. Refresh yourself girlies
  15. If this is the start of the reissue campaign for Erotica I will be going airplane emoji rabid
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  16. Erotica is one of the few albums of hers that I don't own. Hoping for a white repress.
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