My friend messaged me last night to say she thought the queen was going to die. I thought she meant Madonna but then I read the news. Anyway, I’m just hoping for her to post ‘from one queen to another, RIP’ and then watch the meltdowns in action.
Wait, what? I’m lost.
Fergie (The Dutches of York) was caught having her toes sucked and the images were leaked to the press. It caused her to be taken out of the Royal Family and have her title stripped off her. At this point she had already separated from Prince Andrew, but was still in the firing line of the Royal Family.
Probably because it doesn't have the cross-fade with "Dear Jessie"?
I can hear the bleed of Dear Jessie at the beginning on the Something To Remember version. Surprised they didn’t use the single edit if they couldn’t get a clean intro.
Either that or Apple Music has the wrong version.