Erotica 3LP ? I don't care about LP, but 1 disc for Erotica, then 1 rain tapes and 1 of remixes and bsides ? If I think about the released remixes of Erotica and Bye Bye Bye they fill more than 1 disc ! You should then consider the single edits (Fever one ?) and the remixes of the other singles (Rain extended ? Bad girl extended ?). If it's not a comprehensive boxset, I don't want it !
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Love the image though! Here's the highest quality of it I could find.
Well I was expecting this, but the title leaked yesterday made my head spinning for something more unique like the CAC vinyl. The cover is very amateur, amazing picture but..

I preferred Danceteria too, but that would make more sense if they were releasing pre-Madonna stuff, such as demo's.

erotica is overpriced but desirable. This isn’t desirable but will still be overpriced. hardcore collectors like me will end up buying anyway rather than have a gap in the collection. That said I’m still waiting for my 6 lp box from the official store. Emily “the manager” (god help us) will get back to me.