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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Random thought, but an MTV Unplugged during the Something To Remember era would have slapped.
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  2. Link does not work and the picture disc is nowhere to be seen in her official US or UK stores. Any other place to order from?
  3. I imagine other stores will have it up tomorrow. Same thing happened with Kylie’s Impossible Princess vinyl
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  4. I think this might end up announced next week now, maybe tomorrow if we’re lucky.
  5. My friend messaged me last night to say she thought the queen was going to die. I thought she meant Madonna but then I read the news. Anyway, I’m just hoping for her to post ‘from one queen to another, RIP’ and then watch the meltdowns in action.
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  6. Think this is a link for the bootleg one from a few years back!
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  7. This one looks like the bootleg though, there’s no erotica written on the backing card.
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  8. She’s busy C46D6DA9-B5A6-4907-8FF7-EE09236C2B41.jpeg
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  9. That new "Hung Up" remix is f**king awful.
  10. No❤️
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  11. The remix is a bop. Sorry you can't relate!

    I wonder if Madonna remembers she had a similar remix in 2005, also a bop!

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  12. I think the single picture disc is an amuse-bouche to the entire Erotica reissue campaign.
  13. Announcing a release that was banned because of a Royal Family member on the day the most important one d worded...hehe
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  14. And it will be released on the same day of the Impossible Princess, an album pushed for the the death of another major royal family member..
  15. Wait, what? I’m lost.
  16. Fergie (The Dutches of York) was caught having her toes sucked and the images were leaked to the press. It caused her to be taken out of the Royal Family and have her title stripped off her. At this point she had already separated from Prince Andrew, but was still in the firing line of the Royal Family.
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  17. What's wrong with having your toes sucked as long as all parties are consenting adults?
  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Does anyone know why Oh Father on Something To Remember is tagged as 'alternate'?
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