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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Probably because it doesn't have the cross-fade with "Dear Jessie"?
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  2. I can hear the bleed of Dear Jessie at the beginning on the Something To Remember version. Surprised they didn’t use the single edit if they couldn’t get a clean intro.
    Either that or Apple Music has the wrong version.
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  3. Mvnl

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    Oh right, that makes complete sense yet I never realized
  4. To be fair, loads of her songs are mislabled / named weirdly on streaming (I’ve corrected a lot manually on Apple Music)

    In this case the STR version reads as 2 seconds longer and if you listen to them both I think it sounds like it comes in a fraction earlier/louder than the album version. But yeah using the 7” would’ve made sense
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  5. Seems correct. Hopefully the link for the official release will be up soon, you can already order it from Amazon US.
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  6. It was 1992.
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  7. Madonna, True Blue and Immaculate Collection also have many wrong mixes on their digital releases.
  8. Has anyone received their 6 LP box from the UK store. I'm tired of waiting and hesitating.

    I did get the live Rebel Heart LP today though.
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  9. I´m really glad I ordered the 6 LP set from the US, I was originally going to order it from the UK. Hopefully you will get your copy soon.

    I received the Rebel Heart LP yesterday, it looks really nice. Could her other Interscope live albums be released as well, since this one came out? Surely at least Madame X will get some sort of a physical release.
  10. But Madame X is Warner. The problem with MDNA Live is that only a full show live album was released, the Rebel Heart vinyl is based on the edited version from the bluray/dvd release. They could still do it of course, but I’m not sure is going to happen. The audio is so shit is not a great loss though.
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  11. Oh, I assumed that Madame X Live was the last Interscope release, since the album itself was on Interscope. Thanks for clearing that up.

    MDNA Live is something I never really listen to, but I would still like a vinyl release. The show itself was fantastic though!
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  12. MDNA Tour was surprisingly excellent (since the album is creatively bankrupt). A thrill ride from start to finish.
  13. So you just want it for the atrocious artwork?
  14. Yes, such a great show! And I know I’m in minority but I also love the video release. The big problem is the mixing.
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  15. For the collection, obviously. I´m a completist.
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  16. Dita Parlo lives

    Kinda want her to keep the bleached brows for a while, they really do suit her.
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  17. The picture is hot too. Good on her!

  18. Masterpiece was just played on BBC Radio 2, that’s the second time I’ve heard it in the past year on the radio, a classic ballad in the making? obviously I got my life to it.
  19. I’m surprised she hasn’t done a new remix for Erotica and filmed something for it.
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  20. Interesting they're playing that Madonna ballad during the mourning of The Queen.
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