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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. If Erotica is going to be the 1st album reissue, maybe she's saving it for it. Or maybe she's really tired of these 2 min remixes that she doesn't want to do it for Erotica.
  2. Would be amazing if she did a new club remix for an Erotica era single.
  3. If she was tired of them why’d she just film a video for one?

    It pretty much fits her mindset and aesthetic right now too. We did get the video of her lipsyncing to it (badly) with a broom last year.

    Hopefully she doesn’t forget Bedtime Stories hitting #1 during the lockdown. 90s Madonna needs to be celebrated and explored more beyond Ray of Light.
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  4. Can we please have the studio remix of Erotica Confessions Mother? We have it already but not in true HQ.
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  5. I like to make it my entire personality that I was born the same day Erotica (single) was first released and the album itself is one of my favourites ever sooo I’m ready to consume any and all reissues, merch, and related nonsense. Legendary era.
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  6. Oh, this would be a cute single release too. With some new remixes of it.
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  7. I was ten feet away from her last night... I feel like I've been struck by lightning.
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  8. Ok I want the details please!
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  9. She looked incredible as usual last night but that goes without saying.

    Sidebar, anyone know what song Doja is dancing to in the Instagram carousel above?
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  10. Basically:

    I work for a neighborhood nonprofit in a somewhat chic area of Brooklyn. Last night one of our public spaces was taken over for a Marni fashion show which I had heard that Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat were attending but I wasn't familiar with the brand, nor did I think I'd be around when it was happening.

    I was working an event earlier in the day and before it ended my supervisors showed up and threw me a pass for the show - so I ended up sticking around and helping them out, and subsequently attending the show. I saw Kylie, Doja, Diplo and Anna Wintour (and a few others whom I didn't clock until I looked them up today like Latto dd) which was very cool, but once the show started I clocked a familiar face sitting next to Doja... Had to do a double and triple take, but once her I saw her hair and outfit I was like yup that's definitely Madonna and I nearly lost my composure. Never came close to interacting with her or anything, but was very close to her when she was walking out through the back of the venue and got a little taste of her aura which was extremely palpable. It was quite brief but I am still buzzing from it today! Also wild that it was in a space I work in so frequently.

    Her insta is from whatever party she went to after this, I assume.
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  11. Ugh god the bleached brows continue to be everything
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  12. I've been trying to figure it out all morning. It sounds familiar, but I really can't place it. I thought it was a Doja remix at first.
  13. ^ The throwback hair is a serve
  14. She looks really punk at the moment and as other posters have said the hair above is a throwback to her 80s style.

    She seems really inspired right now.
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  15. So from Bad Bunny to Madonna everybody is queer baiting again? Harry must be furious. Also isn't it kind of rude to steal the attention from a fashion show like this? But Robbie Williams voice face it she's Madonna I guess.

    Do we know anything about a release date for that remix?
  16. Madonna is queer. Have you seen Sex? Justify My Love? Most of her shows? What about Ingrid?

  17. Caught making out with girl.

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