I...don't have much of an issue with this to be honest. The font for the title is really the only hang up (lol) for me

Yeah, the brush font isn’t my fave. But I’m assuming Brendon did this as well, since he did the Material Gworl cover, and it’s clear Warner doesn’t like his sloppy handwriting style dd
I’m loving the remix. It reminds me so much of that awesome reggaeton mix from back in the day and the new beats give the lyrics a completely different tone. It also proves, definitively I think, that while the sample absolutely contributes to the original being the beast of a pop song that it is, the song is also strong enough to stand without it.
Soooooo…are they planning to get the rest of her singles and their respective EP’s on streaming or has that fallen to the wayside in favor of these reissues?
The remix is cute. I don’t know why she didn’t have Tokischa on a La Isla Bonita remix instead, though? Or if she wanted a more left field, a treatment like this would’ve worked for Burnin Up or Into The Groove.