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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I have just seen the promo video for the picture disc and the spittle has begun to form upon my mouth I fear
  2. I'm not sure what to make of the reissue strategy thus far. The announcement last year had me thinking we'd at this point have an album super deluxe reissue to break the bank balance, and that frankly she deserves, but here we are marking her 40th anniversary with a deleted 1992 picture disc, and welcome as that is, I can't help but feel a tad underwhelmed. Still hopeful though that this campaign will become Prince-esque as opposed to George Michael-esque.
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  3. The amount of money I'd drop on a super limited Erotica boxset...
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  4. It's lame. I'm here for / sustained by forward-looking modern remix era Madonna doing whatever she wants and pissing off idiots with her antics but I want these initiatives that look back to be great. Finally Enough Love was almost perfect (unofficial comp cover art for the deluxe aside), and a lovely way of presenting an important part of her legacy that had been mistreated for so long but...

    I worry that the 'reissue campaign' will actually just be things she thinks are cool in that moment. Dance remix comp? Sure, not done that before! Random (re?)release of a mythical picture disc of an old single? Ok! An extensive and well-curated remaster and reissue super deluxe campaign of one of the most important discographies in pop history? Who'd want that?
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  5. As long as Madonna is alive and capable of saying yes or no to things we won't get the deluxes with all "of the era" remixes + demos + videos and so on. It's not what she values as an artist and I pretty sure nobody will be able to show her that these things are important. She's Madonna, she will always live in the now and she have mostly horrible taste when it comes to her own catalogue.
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  6. The art direction/album art for Erotica remains peerless. It’s probably my favourite album cover of all time.
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  7. The entire album art is amazing. That scratched out Erotica foldout? That's genius.
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  8. £35 for a single picture disc is steep, especially considering this would have cost like £2.99 back in 1992, but, I've ordered, since I'd accepted I'd never get the opportunity to own one of the few existing copies, this is a nice surprise.
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  9. I really want her to work with Fabien Baron again.

    Think their last collaboration was the Truth or Dare perfume.

    They were supposed to be working on a coffee table book or something but it never came to fruition.
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  10. I'm weirdly not worried about the reissue campaigns. They've barely even started for one thing, and we've been given every indication they're going to be done with care - Rhino being involved also bodes well in my opinion. She's clearly been going through her archives too for years now (because of the movie, but still)
  11. Yes I'm not worried either, Warner tend to release a teaser release before the big box set, if Prince's album reissues are anything to go by, plus Who's That Girl Record Store Day was the 'teaser' release for Finally Enough Love. I wouldn't be surprised if an Erotica deluxe is on the cards soon, I'm so excited to see the first deluxe track list, so we can then speculate what'll be included on future deluxe album reissues.
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  12. Yeah I’ll skip this picture disc but I’m sure we’ll get some yummier treats next year.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Tonight, Guy is "The Missus"
  15. I'm definitely interpreting this as a taste of something bigger/more.
  16. Yes I don’t get why is everybody (dance and sing!) worried about the reissue strategy. We had a brand new 12” for CAC, a three discs dance collection and we are getting the ultimate holy grail for collectors next month. And this is happening even before her true 40th anniversary. Everybody was released in October 1982 but the first album in July 1983. What’s the rush? Oh, we also had some new remixes. She did more in the last 6 months that most artists, even younger, do. We’ll get the deluxe albums editions as said in the original press release and the Paper interview. They are going to announce something new around Everybody’s anniversary next month.
    And yes, this is cool!

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  17. Not the email announcing the picture disc getting immediately sent to my spam because it has "EROTICA" in all-caps in the subject lfakjsdgl;k
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