Apparently there’s a Black Friday vinyl release coming called Danceteria? To be announced tomorrow.
What I want it to be just based on the title is new re-edits of some of her 80s dance classics by people like Krystal Klear, Dimitri From Paris, Eli Escobar, etc.

What I imagine it'll actually be is the 9-minute Rusty Egan mix of Everybody on side A and the dub on side B. I'll probably live for it either way honestly
I don't see anyone worried about the reissue strategy, or thinking an Erotica 12'' is all we'll get or lacking gratitude for what we've had so far, but we do love to be dramatic, don't we? As I say, hopefully Madonna's team draw inspiration from the Prince Estate rather than some of our other legends whose legacy campaigns fall woefully short, and that Danceteria 12'' is a very promising sign.