I don't see anyone worried about the reissue strategy, or thinking an Erotica 12'' is all we'll get or lacking gratitude for what we've had so far, but we do love to be dramatic, don't we? As I say, hopefully Madonna's team draw inspiration from the Prince Estate rather than some of our other legends whose legacy campaigns fall woefully short, and that Danceteria 12'' is a very promising sign.
What is the Danceteria 12" thou?
On the press release they seem to imply there will be two fronts: "re-issues with rarities" (expanded albums) and "collectables for the die-hard fans" (Who's That Girl / Erotica / Danceteria)


The picture is giving me 1982 demo vibes... I wonder if Danceteria was maybe the demo to Everybody? Or a completely unheard before song? Or maybe they are pressing Hung Up 2022 and some other new remix on it? Very curious to know more!

This performance is everything.

I remember reading that the emcee that introduced the performance eventually was diagnosed with AIDS and rather than wait for the virus to take him, he intentionally overdosed on sleeping pills in 1991. He had a party with his friends the night he was going to do it, and though Madonna couldn't be there in person she did attend via telephone.
Erotica 3LP ? I don't care about LP, but 1 disc for Erotica, then 1 rain tapes and 1 of remixes and bsides ? If I think about the released remixes of Erotica and Bye Bye Bye they fill more than 1 disc ! You should then consider the single edits (Fever one ?) and the remixes of the other singles (Rain extended ? Bad girl extended ?). If it's not a comprehensive boxset, I don't want it !
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