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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Erotica is already 2LP.
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  2. I really hope each expansion includes the single edits unless they are planning a comprehensive singles boxset with nothing left off to include the single versions on after the reissue campaign finishes.
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  3. Meh.
    Love the image though! Here's the highest quality of it I could find.
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  4. Well I was expecting this, but the title leaked yesterday made my head spinning for something more unique like the CAC vinyl. The cover is very amateur, amazing picture but..
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  5. The vinyl has remastered versions of Everybody and the dub, and the recent remasters have sounded fantastic so it's promising all the upcoming reissues will have the same amount of care and detail put into them.
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  6. I preferred Danceteria too, but that would make more sense if they were releasing pre-Madonna stuff, such as demo's.
  7. Not this.

    I do like the cover art a lot though!
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  8. The 12'' version has been remastered since 2001, and both tracks were included on a different RSD release just 3 years ago... The worst timeline.
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  9. I love this cover.

  10. Meh.

    erotica is overpriced but desirable. This isn’t desirable but will still be overpriced. hardcore collectors like me will end up buying anyway rather than have a gap in the collection. That said I’m still waiting for my 6 lp box from the official store. Emily “the manager” (god help us) will get back to me.
  11. Me with the gaps in my collection

  12. Its the first time she’s appeared on the cover of Everybody
  13. What a let down. But, anyway, this is on the “goodies for the die-hards” side of things. Hopefully the meatier expanded versions will be announced soon.
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  15. The cover is gorgeous. I personally had never seen the picture but it is so characteristic of early early Madonna in that she's absolutely magnetic but still a bit rough around the edges and DIY.
  16. Remember this weirdo

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