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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Everybody looks like a bside of Holiday...
  2. This may be a stupid question. I’ve got some Madonna vinyl picture discs from eBay recently and was wondering how I can check if they are fake or not? For example should the pictures on either side be exactly aligned? Do they avoid scratching the runoff?
  3. LTG


    Lisa Powerhouse the new Veronica Electronica.
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  4. I’ve known Holiday all my life, but it was Everybody that made me buy her first album, so that’s one thing at least.
  5. She and Lourdes were at the Tom Ford fashion show.

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  6. She feels legitimately cool again. (I know, but those MDNA days were rough).
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  8. Unreleased picture from the Borderline video. My god.

  9. She’s out and about a lot these days. Nice to see her back in NYC. I think it suits her personality more than LA.
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  12. Loving the Tom Ford glasses and the hair, she looks great and so does Lourdes.
  13. Bedtime Storytellers arguing on Usenet groups back in 1994:

  14. OMG! The photo, I live!

    Definitely getting this book, I have the previous two and they are great.
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  15. She looks fabulous wow.
  16. That photo from the Borderline sessions. Just absolutely gorgeous!!
  17. Mom is SERVING

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  18. Artwork for the "Hung Up" remix:

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