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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Not gonna lie I can see my other queen Tori in this look Madge.
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  2. Are you sure? This was posted from a fan account with others options the other day. It looks great but I'm not sure it's the official one.
  3. Isn’t the remix being called “Hung Over” anyway?
  4. I can't stop laughing at Lisa Powerhouse
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  5. The Material Gworrllllll and Hung Up remixes are what Gaga should have done for the Born This Way 10th anniversary. Contemporary, eclectic, fun. Only Big Freedia’s take on Judas comes close.

    A condensed remixed greatest hits would be a neat novelty and I’d like to see it.
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  6. Ugh this remix.
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  7. I am honestly living for the curent “era”, I think it’s the most fun she had since… blond ambition / the immaculate collection / truth or dare years?
  8. The Lisa Powerhouse years.
  9. IDK. I find the Big Freedia interpretation of Judas to be a good deal better than the Material Gworllllll and Hung Up remixes; I thought it was excellent. I agree that the former are better than all the other limp stuff on the Born This Way anniversary collection, especially that really bad Marry The Night cover.
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  10. I...don't have much of an issue with this to be honest. The font for the title is really the only hang up (lol) for me
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  11. is eating good
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  12. Yeah, the brush font isn’t my fave. But I’m assuming Brendon did this as well, since he did the Material Gworl cover, and it’s clear Warner doesn’t like his sloppy handwriting style dd
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  13. He should call Jeri Heiden up to teach ha about non sloppy handwriting fonts.
  14. The cover is not by Brendon

  15. Are the L’Officiel Ibiza and Paper covers available physically?
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