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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The way I just pulled myself out of a ‘listening to nothing but Madonna’ hole and she’s about to violently throw me right back down into it with this remix. Queen.
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  2. If only!

  3. I can’t stop thinking about her red hair and how good she looks this era (?), I’m obsessed
  4. Officiel Ibizia is basically promo only, Paper is now only digital.
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  5. From all of the recent pics of her it’s blindingly obvious Mother is feeling herself again and I am 110% here for it.
  6. This Hung Up remix is actually a bit of a serve, easily the best thing to come out of this remix "era".
  7. Lisa Powerhouse does it again!
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  8. I’m loving the remix. It reminds me so much of that awesome reggaeton mix from back in the day and the new beats give the lyrics a completely different tone. It also proves, definitively I think, that while the sample absolutely contributes to the original being the beast of a pop song that it is, the song is also strong enough to stand without it.
  9. I am absolutely living for these looks she’s been serving.
  10. How do I watch Truth or Dare in the UK?
  11. Is the video definitely coming on Monday?
  12. Soooooo…are they planning to get the rest of her singles and their respective EP’s on streaming or has that fallen to the wayside in favor of these reissues?
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  13. The remix is cute. I don’t know why she didn’t have Tokischa on a La Isla Bonita remix instead, though? Or if she wanted a more left field, a treatment like this would’ve worked for Burnin Up or Into The Groove.
  14. Her styling has been really fun lately.
  15. The Hung Up remix is my favorite so far. It made fall in love with the original song all over again and Takischa sounds great, I need to listen to her catalogue as soon as possible.
    The Balenciaga brand needs to die. Nobody looks good in it.
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  16. I agree. We need the 12” version of Deeper and Deeper on streaming - it’s gay rights.

    (Also, the remix of Waiting that was on the Rain single. It slaps!)
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  17. Yes, the streaming EPS, so need to continue. So many mixes still missing.
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  18. I'm still not over her Tom Ford look and don't expect that I will be for a while. That is mother.
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