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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Amy Schumer has the smallest mouth I've ever seen on a person. Life is a mystery.
  2. Sometimes I like to walk downtown and back on a Sunday morning, it’s quite the production.

    Today the soundtrack is the 92-00 output. Currently on Love Tried To Welcome Me.

    Earlier, during Words, I tried to casually slide past someone ahead of me on the sidewalk only to stumble on the curb. And immediately afterward, this bish sings, “you think you’re soooo sly.”
  3. Literally life telling her she's not funny.
  4. Shep’s, obviously.
  5. I don’t get tired of Madonna in general but especially her 90’s and early 2000’s work. It’s just such a fascinating period in her career overall, and I feel like especially during her ‘wilderness years’ she made some of the most honest and interesting music of her career, as well as planting the seeds for sounds she would explore further later on. I sort of feel a parallel to her career now…and that excites me.
  6. The nineties were such an incredible period, one in which she had to show everyone what she was made of.

    The eighties were charmed for her, everything she touched turned to gold (musically of course). She had yet to go into the studio with the mindset of "well there was a palpably negative reaction to my last album, so what do we do now?"

    Erotica, strangely, gave her a great gift: the chance to show the world - and herself - how she faced professional adversity. The Girlie Show is my favorite Madonna tour, and part of that is because I'm so inspired by how she could create something so stylized and darkly fun and joyous after that year-long barrage of criticism. And then to show up with Bedtime Stories a year after that, this sensual, lush, creamy little album that never once feels like a mea culpa.

    Some of the girls that have emerged in the last ten to fifteen years who cite Madonna as an influence really need to take a look at what she did from 92-95 (perhaps a certain late night interview aside). It's not just about being fierce and striking poses, it's also handling commercial/critical comedowns with grace and finding ways to seamlessly move forward.
  7. Forget standup, her instagram story captions are where she really kills

  8. I randomly came across a quote today by Stephen Hawking (!!!) from around the Erotica era where even he had to have his kii at her expense. He was talking about the possibility of discovering some scientific theory whatever thing, and said something to the effect of "if I did, I would sell more books than Madonna did selling sex" or something. Like... the world was out to get her. I sometimes think about that speech she gave a couple of years ago, where she got emotional discussing that period and how virtually no one showed her support, with the feminist movement of the time coming for her jugular. She was way too ahead of her time.
  9. Using a classic Frankie Knuckles song to soundtrack this post...i see you mama

  10. When gays live their best lives befriending pop stars they love instead now Madonna is that gay. Truly a full circle everything.
  11. Who is it she’s with? I never seen or heard of who’s she’s with before
  12. She’s Arca, Venezuelan producer and artist.
  13. Lock them in a studio together please.
  14. Madonna and Arca in a studio…truly what dreams are made of.
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  15. Arca x Madonna would literally be a dream. And I could see it being the next sonic stepping stone - something dancey but with the slightly ominous or uncomfortable feel Madame X suggested.
  16. This caption gives me a mighty need for a Don't Tell Me Arca remix
  17. There is A LOT of c u n t in that backseat.
  18. Even if it’s just for another random remix of one of her classics I don’t care I need them to work together.
  19. Arca and Madonna is wet dream.

    A "She asked my friend for a song" tea

    Also her not giving Fs anymore and releasing tons of new remixes that tons of people hate her for is exactly the energy I need from her.
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