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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'd be disappointed if Arca worked with Madonna and all we got was a remix.
    Give us an album together even more avant garde than Vulnicura and destroy us.
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  2. I would love a low-key album / mixtape from her in the vein of FKA twigs' “caprisongs”, featuring all of the people she’s been hanging around and collaborating in the last months
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  3. It would be so be brilliant to have a full album produced by Arca. She’s intelligent and many of her politics are somehow related to the ones Madonna often deal with her own work. Also Arca is the new Aphex Twin but she would never turn her down. It would be like having a more twisted Ray of light but produced in this century.
  4. Yes Arca as a producer, but with her melodies please.
  5. I’d take Madonna’s “Black Lake”, Madonna’s “Born Yesterday” and/or Madonna’s “Incendio”… preferably all three on the same record.
  6. Gang Bang <3
  7. MDNA is Madonna’s Vulnicura.
  8. Ready for Madonna’s Desafío.
  9. Ready for Like an Enby.
  10. FKA twigs, Arca, Honey Dijon, Nile Rodgers... the way she could put all these people she takes mini shoots with into a studio and absolutely kill everything in sight. Make it happen, mother!
  11. If you'd told me this was from around 2001 I'd believe you, she looks fantastic.
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  12. She looks so fucking good
  13. I really do miss her eyebrows, I'm just gonna say it. But I love that she still experiments and challenges with her fashion.
  14. She looks great! The both do. The remix is a fun bop and love the low budget DIY vibe of the video, I think it’s done really well here (have to say though, incredibly over Madonna doing the ‘choking/getting chocked out’ posing bits whenever she’s wanting things to feel sexy and exciting - I feel like we’ve seen it from her multiple times in recent years and it just never hits the intended spot for me? & it’s not as if this woman doesn’t KNOW how make things feel super sexy, she invented sex! So pls stop the naff choking mime mom, switch it up)

    But yeah, small critique aside it’s very fun, very good. I wonder if there are any more past-hit reinventions cooking? Enjoying these random collaborations a lot! At least because they’re making me revisit the original versions more & check out who these new (to me, mostly) artists are.
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  15. Wow she looks incredible.

    Weirdly in a few shots she actually looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan (and I mean that as a compliment).


    This is probably her most sexual video in a long time - super hot chemistry with Tokischa.

    My only critique is I wish there was some choreography.
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  16. I thought the video was very well made. I enjoyed it much more than the Frozen remix videos.
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