I LOVE that the looks (especially the pink one) are a fun re-interpretation of the original Hung Up look. That is *chef’s kiss* for me. Video is fun and I do like the remix, even if I sort of think it’s a little… annoying to begin with every time I play it? Tokischa’s main bit that runs throughout initially gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason but it’s low-key hypnotic as the song progresses.

Mother is slowly but surely getting closer to the Rosalia collab we need. I bet she stans MOTOMAMI. Fuck. Arca. Rosalía. I am quaking. I think we can expect MADOMAMI for the next album and I can’t wait.
I love everything about this.

Tokischa qué lo qué?
Yo quiero un culo nuevo

100% - I think she did dye it red/strawberry blonde for Confessions initially but tinted it more of a beige blonde for the promo tour onwards. A real shame because as you say, it suits her so well.
I don't think she actually went properly red for Confessions? I think they just colored her hair digitally for the promo shots (though strawberry blonde is probably accurate.