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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. I really like this new take on Hung Up -- I love how unforced it is and how nicely the two of them pair together. Wish I could say the same about that video. Why does it feel like a French & Saunders sketch?
  3. I thought the same. It's interesting how well a europop song can work with a reggaeton beat.
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  4. Of course the “hardcore fans” (I only read Madonna Infinity and not social media though) are trashing the video, when at the end of the day it’s just a more underground (low budget) Bitch I’m Madonna. Then I realized they hated that too so whatever.
  5. I LOVE that the looks (especially the pink one) are a fun re-interpretation of the original Hung Up look. That is *chef’s kiss* for me. Video is fun and I do like the remix, even if I sort of think it’s a little… annoying to begin with every time I play it? Tokischa’s main bit that runs throughout initially gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason but it’s low-key hypnotic as the song progresses.

    Mother is slowly but surely getting closer to the Rosalia collab we need. I bet she stans MOTOMAMI. Fuck. Arca. Rosalía. I am quaking. I think we can expect MADOMAMI for the next album and I can’t wait.
  6. I worry that when I say such things I sound a bit "I'm not like all the other old people!", but fuck it - I love this, both song and video. She looks amazing, and seems like she's having so much fun. And it's a genuinely sexy video in my opinion. After this, and Material Gworl would be very up for a collabo/remixes full project.
  7. So I guess Florence Pugh REALLY will not be cast as Madonna in the biopic then...
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  8. I feel like she’s found what she wants to do and I’m here for it. She isn’t going to be number 1 in this day and age but she’s yet again re establishing her place in the modern music world
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  9. Well she was already out of the games.
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  10. I love everything about this.

    Tokischa qué lo qué?
    Yo quiero un culo nuevo

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  11. This is so cute!
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  12. The video is fun, but the Hung Up remix reminder me of Mamacita by Black Eyed Peas?
  13. I miss the feeling of hearing a new Madonna album for the first time.
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  14. Literally nothing alike
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  15. I don't think she actually went properly red for Confessions? I think they just colored her hair digitally for the promo shots (though strawberry blonde is probably accurate.

  16. You’re right but she was pretty damn red here. I think it just washed out quickly.
    2003A04D-33ED-408C-AA59-5F315A116C3E.jpeg 4E7474B9-A6A9-4149-9B5A-26D37540C402.jpeg
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  17. I think they did color her hair but it was as a temporary color that washed out.
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  18. Yes she went reddish but of course it wasn’t the the deep red of the cover
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  19. She went to see Harry Styles.

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