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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Who's That Girl? is airing on Turner Classic Movies. Which makes sense because it's a classic.

    Love this.

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  2. Don Devito really must have regretted this at some point in his life.
  3. Somebody please burn that plaid shirt.
  4. I love the shirt. She’s going for 90s grunge. At least she’s not wearing a tracksuit and trucker cap.
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  5. I was literally on Google last night stanning the tracksuit and trucker cap look. What a time.
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  6. She’s going for Chicano

  7. I'll choose to believe she was dragged along.
  8. I've never seen these! So it's not just the hair that was colored digitally, but also the bodysuit itself! (Maybe they changed it from blue to pink to match the Hung Up video?)
  9. No this is a different outfit, you can see more looks here. For the main album photoshoot they changed her top from purple to pink.
  10. I think they’re referring to these images where the leotard was in fact changed to pink as well

  11. There are some untouched pictures from the sessions where she's wearing an orange version of the same outfit too. I think the shot from the album cover came from that set

  12. Ahh, had never seen this myself, thank you! And yes, I’ve also just realised there were other garments changed to pink including the orange version of the purple top.
  13. GOD
  14. And just like that it's Che Diaz I'm listening to Confessions.

  15. I think this was used as a backcover for the Jump single ?
  16. Possibly unpopular opinion but I prefer this shot than the floating inside a disco ball version of the cover?
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  17. No, the Junp single has a picture from the Jump video on the back cover.
  18. Does anyone else remember an alternate cover surfacing around the time Jump was announced as a single that used this photo, or a similar one from the same set?


    I've always wondered if it was a fanmade cover that found its way into some articles or if it was legitimate/an early draft, but I've never been able to find the exact image
  19. Seriously, when is the non-stop mixed version of Confessions coming back on Spotify?
  20. Vaguely, but yeah I remember it was a closer crop? I want to say it was fanmade, because it didn’t even appear on promo copies of the single, which typically use alternate artwork.
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