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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. WOW
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  2. I love the Confessions album cover thou the single covers were a let down for me...Get Together and Jump could have been so much better with all this imagery.

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  3. Obsessed with the second image.
  4. Right?!
    The hair color, the tracksuit, the boombox... That's how you self reference without being too in your face and/or corny.

  5. Okay, who’s the cheeky gay intern working the FaceTune account?
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  6. MMMMFFFF. The shriek I just let out.
  7. And she’s serving Little Edie’s thot era in that sixth image. I love her.
  8. Unfunny and stale?
  9. For Sorry they used a pictured from a live performance from the Confessions promo tour and retouched it. It looks cool thought, even if too similar to Kylie Fever DVD cover.
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  10. This.

    A friend just opened that can for worms about her just embarrassing herself now. It will be interesting to see how "desperately" some of her critics will try to stay in the loop with things and botox and facetune their faces to the moon and back to make them look fresh on whatever network they'll try to snatch some twinks from ten or 20 years from now. I never get why people hate people for not giving up when they reach a certain age.

    Plus she is an artist, she always was interested in what's fresh and exciting and how to make current things her own and use them for her art. It is her profession. She won't stop.

    So tired of all of this. I love Celine, Kylie, Cher and some others to death and this really is everything but a diss but I am happy that some legends push themselves even after more than ten albums and aren't afraid to disturb the peace of some senior's Spotify playlists.
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  11. Also, this is a woman who have worked with her image for 40 years and knows very well how things are manipulated all the time, either by lighting, angles, make-up to the lenses used on cameras and post edition work. Facetune and photoshop is nothing new for her.

    I mean, we know that the covers of True Blue and Ray of Light were edited and people don't claim she was desperate and trying to fool people.

    But I also think some of the work on her insta is terrible, but I'm sure she knows that too.
  12. Sometimes she is really just trolling. Her children will tell her and she will know that if they hate, everybody will hate it even more, so mission accomplished.

    But great that she found a way to still be the conversation after all this time. People acting like it is a new thing that Madonna is weird/loves attention really lived deep in a forest for several decades. I take Madonna's messy IG any day if for every 15 Frozen remixes I get one Hung Up remix that slaps.
  13. As I posted in the replies of an LGBTQ-centric Instagram account mocking her photo with Lil Nas X, it's disappointing and bewildering to see fellow gays shame someone because their look and/or behaviour is deemed unconventional. Anyone who pushes back against societal expectations or refuses to conform should be celebrated in my view.
  14. She's stunning with or without the filters. It's so funny to see people react like they do. We saw something similar with Aubrey O'Day's Instagram being dragged through the mud a few weeks ago. These women know what they're doing and how they look doing it, they're not trying to fool anyone, and people don't seem to get that they're perfectly fine with who they are. Instagram is just another curated visual outlet for Madonna that provokes people who are uncomfortable with themselves.
  15. I’ve never understood the criticism of Madonna’s appearance in general. When she was “aging naturally” the media wanted to zoom in on every single wrinkle. When she started more invasive measures it’s been ‘OMG so undignified! Age gracefully grandma!’ She can’t win either way. And I, personally, would be pumped, plucked and tucked in every way possible if I had that kind of money so who cares. She looks cool to me.
  16. I never knew she reused the Grammys 2004 outfit for this shoot!
  17. I don't have a problem with Madonna Facetuning her Insta pics - frankly I think it's hypocritical for anyone on social media to criticise her for it - but sometimes it's just not done well.

    It's strange too, because Ricardo is her photographer and most of his work has been great but there's an inconsistency with the way his photos are altered in post.

    Perhaps it's a product of the quick turnaround time required for social media, which means quality can't always be prioritised.

    There's always been a significant group within the gay community who love to bash Madonna for her age and it's rooted in misogyny which is pretty prevalent within the community. I think it also reflects a lot of gay men's own fears about ageing - so of course their comments say far more about them than they do Madonna.
  18. I mean, this is coming from a woman who purposely wears grills because she knows people hate them dd.
  19. I assume M calls the shots when it comes to how she’s edited, if she’s not doing it herself, since sis is always on her phone.
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