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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Spot on.

    What happened? What do I remind you of? Your past? Your dreams? Or some part of yourself that you just can’t love?
  2. I have gotten texts from friends that I considered to be... definitely not the type of people who think Madonna should "act her age" (????) being outraged about her social media presence and nightlife behavior, people I would have sworn would never spew such nonsense, which means that ageism towards women is definitely an even bigger problem than I thought, especially if it is able to reach people that I held blindly to a better standard. I texted back to one of these friends telling them how, if anything, I am fucking proud of her for managing to get that reaction out of people after all this years, and then I invited them to reflect on why in the world they were offended and to consider the fact that it is quite simply ageist and misogynistic thinking, point blank. They ended up admitting I was right.
  3. The way you’re still calling them friends after that!
  4. The moral argument against the ageist / misogynist comments about her appearance has been covered, but superficially I just wanted to say that she looks fucking amazing and I pity anyone basic enough to have an issue with her constant Instagram serves.
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  5. Well, they are more acquaintances, but I was too lazy to look up how to spell acquaintances.

  6. Yeah, fair enough to my friends who aren't into her music,
    But if one of them dared to come for how she presents herself to the world
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  7. Regardless of my personal tastes or her intentions, I'm obsessed with how confrontational her "look" is. It's punk in a sort of Amanda Lepore/Pete Burns way.
  8. The no-eyebrows make up looks so fierce on her. More of that please.
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  9. Sometimes I think I rarely give this masterpiece of a song the attention and praise, it truly is worthy of
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  10. REMINDER that she has never once performed this song live??!
  11. She did perform it at the Rebel Heart concert I was at in London in December 2015. It was in tribute to somebody - an artist? - that had just died who was from London who Ithink she'd worked with at some point. Or something like that, perhaps somebody else was there who can remind me of the details.

    It ended up being rather a rousing rendition, actually, I can remember it being a tad bit more upbeat and the whole O2 swaying along and singing "Will I wait for you, my substitute for love?" over and over.

    Christ, please don't tell me I've made that all up, you make me doubt it happened when you say "she has never once performed this song live??!"

    MEANWHILE - I was today years old when I learned the correct lyrics to "Music" are:

    Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 10.58.43 pm.png

    EDIT: Thank God, I'm not going mad.
  12. That’s one of her clearest lyrics? Dd
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  13. KKKKK I always thought it was "Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel" and for years it's pissed me off that the sentence never went anywhere. Like, properly riled me as particularly shit songwriting. Turns out that's 22 years of irritation for no reason.
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  14. Are you talking about Drowned World? Because also this:


    I knew it wasn't as rare as all that.
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  15. I was talking about Waiting haha.
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  16. According to - the lady herself - it's "makes the" and not "mix the." Sorry if that throws you back into turmoil!
  17. Yes. Also according with the French promo with lyrics I have. I always said “makes” anyway.
  18. The Confessions Tour performance of ‘Drowned World’ is one of my favorite Madonna performances ever. She looks stunning and there’s something so intimate and touching about that rendition.
  19. Is there a site with scans of Japan booklets ? They ususally have lyrics !
  20. Almost came to serious fisticuffs with a friend a few years back because she insisted the lyric went:

    I got the moves baby, you got the motion
    We get together, we'd be causing a commotion
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