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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She seems so genuinely emotional before starting too
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  2. Oh, what do I remind you of? indeed.
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  3. Do you think Madonna will ever work with Jean Baptiste Mondino again? When was the last time they worked together - 2006?

    4D762A5F-AFE8-4CF6-943F-E19779AB34FA.jpeg 84729C9D-1083-4FDC-838A-8ABD66278FB9.jpeg

    Makes, as in, creates them.

  4. All over all over
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  5. So Madonna has just two songs on Pitchfork’s 250 best songs of the 90s.
    Vogue at #115 and Ray Of Light at #55.
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  6. Their last video was Hollywood and their last photoshoot was this in 2006


    I hope they do something else in future -
    whilst the above is nice it's reductive because Klein shot the exact same outfit in the superior W Magazine editorial.
  7. No, but thanks.
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  8. With Mariah at #1 on that list I bet it was at least heavily influenced by that self proclaimed Madonna hating Mariah Carey Stan who had his own Madonna hate website and works as a reviewer for Pitchfork. So much for any sort of objectivity from that dish rag of a website. How they continue to take themselves remotely serious baffles me beyond belief!
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  9. This has been nagging on my mind for a whole know but I’m just gonna say it. This thread get way too worked up over what random publications say about her when Madonna herself doesn’t even know they exist, chill.
  10. Good for her
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  11. Highly doubt Rich Juzwiak, who's not even staff at Pitchfork, has any sort of sway over a #1 on their list. If anything Mariah is #1 thanks to the song's Tiktok resurgence.
  12. Was that taken during tour rehearsals?

    What exactly are you guys referring to? Was the post removed?

  13. They continue to take themselves seriously because people blindly take them seriously just because the reviewers can string nice sentences together. It even happens on this forum.
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  14. The Power Of Good-Bye. Ugh. Perfection.
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  15. The fact that they had to write a whole separate article to explain how they put that list together, and why compiling yet another list was even necessary… the levels of mental masturbation on that website
  16. Mariah at #1? That pretty much says all that needs to be said about the credibility of that list.
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  17. pdf


    you lost me at Pitchfork.
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  18. Nobody actively reads Pitchfork anymore like they used to. The only reason they do these endless "Best songs of x" lists is so stans of artists can argue on socials for days about their placement and hate-share it.

    It'll be dead in 5 years.
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  19. He might not be staff but he was the one who wrote the Madame X review for Pitchfork, was asked by Pitchfork to review Madonna, a confirmed, vocal and active Madonna hater, dedicating his own time and money into setting up a website to specifically target Madonna...

    I don't particularly care for reviews, because in the end it's one person's opinion and I'm perfectly capable of forming my own, but to specifically ask HIM to do THAT review is a choice, which makes it particularly hard for me to take Pitchfork serious...
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  20. wanna elaborate on that point?
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