My co-worker (big Madonna fan) and I are listening to a playlist of outtakes and deep cuts today.

To this day, does anyone know what the male singer in Ciao Bella is saying? Specifically, is there a translation? I've never found one and I've only seen vague explanations of what the song might be about.
I'm going to sound like I'm grasping at straws here but it is technically still Thursday, and we didn't really expect the press release announcing the reissues that dropped on her birthday last year to come at all...perhaps mother has a surprise up her sleeve?
Weren’t there a load of single remixes for Everybody that can only be found on the original vinyl? I seem to remember the UK single mixes were quite a bit different from the standard mix?

Hoping for them on the album reissue.

Looks like she hated the remix so maybe not?

I seem to remember hearing somewhere that Madonna did not like the Rusty Egan mix.
Last year one of the producers posted on Twitter they’d been contacted asking for the Everybody remix masters, I’m sure it was Rusty, but, it’s been so long I’m now questioning if I’ve twisted this a bit.

Wow, the Post has come a long way!