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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. This is so immature, straight out of Stan Wars in 2012. I hated that review too, but come on. I'm also curious about that website, sounds pretty iffy.
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  2. I enjoy some of Rich Juzwiak's reviews, he's funny and smart. The only Madonna-related things of his I've read were the Madame X review and his article on Ray Of Light's twentieth anniversary, which was also kind of... it was less a review and more a referendum on Madonna's authenticity, if I remember it right. There may be a bone to pick there, but oh well. We'll always have Keith Caulfield.
  3. Even back when I was a regular reader of fourfour, I always dreaded Rich covering anything Madonna-related because it was always more about him than the music. His Confessions review from back in the day was mostly just him waxing poetic about how Interesting it was to be a gay man that didn't like her if I remember correctly
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  4. I will never forgive the dragging he gave Vulnicura because Björk didn’t take into consideration Matthew Barney’s version of events. On a divorce album.
  5. Ugh, I hate how much they used to put so much more effort into promos for people who don’t care versus making those available for fans.

    It’s not?
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  6. The Above & Beyond remix of "What It Feels Like For A Girl" remains a magnum opus release from her remixed catalog to this day. Loved the interview Tony McGuinness gave with Billboard about it, how involved she was in it's production, giving her insight, thoughts, etc. It's sublime. I've seen the boys live dozens of times and they've never played it out at a show (minus once during a classics set in Europe), what a moment that would be.
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  7. Sexist as fuck.
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  8. Mariah is #1 - I mean I like Mariah but?

    Vogue and Ray of Light should be Top 10.
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  9. did some research and found a thread on madonnanation’s forum discussing his Madame X review where people did some digging and found out he was a hysterical Mariah Stan, got banned from this forum at some point and dug up some of his Madonna related musings. Some examples:
  10. Wait this forum or MadonnaNation's?
  11. From what I can read he was banned from PopJustice because of his incessant trolling of other female artists…
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  12. I had to stop reading these after the first couple of lines, because the level of idiocy really is overwhelming. And honestly it's also kind of sad how someone can make hating an artist such a big part of their personality.
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  13. Oh yes I think someone on here dug these up when his MX review was released. Anyway, Rich has had far too much energy spent on him the last couple pages. Now we need to sage the place
  14. Those are good articles to hate-read. He writes (his 100% wrong opinions) well.
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  15. Question for the Madonna fans here:

    What is it about your FAVORITE Madonna album that appeals to you? And what is it about your LEAST FAVORITE Madonna album that pushes you away?
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The very short version of this would be:
    Favorite: American Life - very good memories
    Least favorite: Erotica - horrible memories
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  17. I'd say Ray Of Light is my favorite of her albums because I love the songs, first and foremost. But it's also the first Madonna album I bought and when I hear it, I sometimes can still reach back and touch the feelings I had when I heard it initially. There's a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in it. But as I get older and more experienced, I've gotten better at articulating those feelings to myself, so my understanding of why it appeals to me so much keeps growing and evolving. It's like a love affair with someone you know backwards and forwards, but the magic of mystery and discovery never quite goes away.

    My least favorite of her albums is probably Like A Virgin. I think I have a knee-jerk tendency to play down the most successful album in an artist's catalog or the "most iconic" or whatever, so that's part of it. But beyond that, the songs as a whole don't really do much for me. I love the title track, but the other singles (even Material Girl) have never provoked much of a response from me besides "this is nice." And the filler is really just that: filler.
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  18. Ray of Light-beauty, wisdom, artistry, growth, and amazing vocals, especially on the title track.

    MDNA-creative bankruptcy, embarrassing lyrics at times, redundancy, regression, vocals processed within an inch of their lives. I can't believe she called Born This Way reductive while peddling this shit.

    I don't count I'm Breathless as a studio album but it's the worst of the lot. It's just unbelievably corny.
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  19. Ray of Light - refined sound and image, opening up my horizons to the world of music in real time, world class production.

    I don't really have a Madonna album I actively dislike, I guess MDNA for being overall low quality and not having the attention to detail we're used to from Madonna.
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  20. The only album I generally dislike is American Life. My favorite album is Erotica.
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