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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. She’s in the recording studio.
  2. With a piano. Interesting.
  3. I’d say my favourite album of hers is either Ray Of Light or American Life.

    My least favourite would probably be Hard Candy?
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  4. Not her covering up the lyrics sheets with squiggles on her stories. She knows!
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  5. 2023 is the perfect year for an album, M. It's been four (FOUR?!) years since Madame X. That blows my mind.
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  6. I can’t breathe
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  7. I need a(nother) collab

  8. Well… star log 30092022, the voyage of mothership Madonna: we may have entered a new era of music, with a recording session. The journey will be long, perilous, and filled with “coming soon” infused anxiety…

    So far, upon close inspection the only thing that has been revealed from the posted images are the following lyrics:

    “…. I do
    … you”

    to be continued!
  9. Erotica sequel confirmed.
  10. For me, Like A Prayer, Just Like Heaven, and In The Air Tonight are the holy trinity of pop songs.

    I really hope that studio work is indication of a new album. When the new album thread goes up, I think I might cry. There's nothing like a new Madonna album. Nothing.
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  11. I stanned fourfour and his ANTM recaps, but he's a mess. He also hates Googs from what I remember.
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  12. Like A Prayer is certainly one of the best songs of all time, if not thee best.
  13. Never forget this ad had my teen self so excited...
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  14. If she’s going for yet another new remix, “Erotica” would be fun.
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  15. 'Brimful Of Asha'? Really!
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  16. She looks like an total goddess here. Absolutely beautiful.
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  17. So many artists would body a remix. Cupcakke / Shygirl / Arca

    Shy made a playlist recently, which featured quite a few Madonna tracks.. Wonder if they’ll cross paths at some point
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  18. Madonna feat Cupcakke on Erotica would be fucking MENTAL and I want it to happen immediately.
  19. Thee ‘lost’ look. The Rogue hair should have been an iconic moment!!!!
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  20. Oh wow we were robbed of a live TV performance!
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