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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Is it possible Madonna has been so inspired musically recently that she just has to get new music /album out there, or do we think it’s more remixes?
    She has said she’s sick of living in the past and wanting to make new music, it’s not the first time plans have changed and she’s released new music / toured instead.
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  2. Biopic's been shelved*, so what's a girl to do.

    (*I don't know this for a fact.)
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  3. Well it doesn’t sound like they’ve got the script down to time yet, and then there’s the whole preproduction stage with locations / crewing up / casting, so really Madonna is free to do whatever she wants until all that is in place and they’re ready to start filming.
  4. No. Let's have someone decent instead
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  5. ...........
  6. Madonna x Shygirl on an updated 'Erotica' or hell, even 'Bedtime Story'*...whew...the power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has.

    *I basically just want them to work together on literally anything ddd I don't care. Hell, team up for a 'Candy Shop' remix for all I care.
  7. I definitely hear more Shygirl in Bedtime Stories, but it looks like she's a Ray Of Light stan
  8. She’s a Bedtime Stories stan too. She seems to stan 90s M in general.
  9. Anyone with taste would!

    Erotica and Bedtime Stories are my top 2 albums of hers, from any decade
  10. Arca’s quote on Human Nature from a few years back. Madonna x Arca would be a perfect combo for a new version!
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  11. She just released a massive remix project and she’s releasing deluxe versions of her past albums. She’s sort of contracted to promote this stuff. That’s what her contract entails, so I think she’s going to be concentrating a lot of her back catalog for the foreseeable future. There’s a lot of money at stake in this Rhino/Warner deal and she has to deliver. She’s been pretty much living in the past, what with writing the script and now this Warner deal. She seems to be enjoying it and has probably been going through the archives, hopefully considering releasing unreleased songs, which would be new in a sense.
  12. So you’re implying no new music until this back catalogue campaign is done (that could last over a decade) so this will prevent her from releasing any new music?
    The deal announcement last year leaves us under the impression the campaign is being dealt with by the label and she only has to oversee it, which, let’s face it, won’t take too much of her time, the content already exists.
    Yes we’ve had new remixes and videos but this all seems very spontaneous, has there been any suggestion to suggest there was an original plan for Madonna to make new remixes of her back catalogue? It all seems last minute and sporadic due to the success of that Frozen remix last year, but then maybe that’s why she was in the studio, and it could also suggest there’ll another remix album on the way.
    Either way it is what it is, speculation is all there is and no need to shoot down speculation.
    And for the record, she definitely said in a recent interview she was tired of living in the past and wanting to move forward, so let’s not pretend that wasn’t a thing.
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  13. She's said many times over the past couple years that she wants to work on new music. She couldn't initially, because she was deep in writing the biopic and working on the remix project, but now the remix album is released and the film is allegedly on pause pending... whatever. It's not hard to imagine that she's working on new original material, especially since she's expressed that she wants to tour as well.
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  14. In her own words, she’s “back at it”

  15. The one missing fingernail kills me.
  16. Oh my god I have the same kind of uni-ball pen as Madge. If bleeds the worst out of any pen I've ever used in my life.
  17. I wasn’t shooting down speculation, I was adding my own. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  18. I don’t see that doing reissues would take up that much time, that she couldn’t also work on new material, provided that she’s not also filming the movie.
    Other artists do reissues and release new albums at the same time.
    A collaboration with Shygirl would be amazing, but on a new song not a remix.
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  19. It’s surprising that Madonna never built a recording studio in her home. She always talked about wanting to work with producers who had their own because it was cheaper. You’d think with all her money, having her own studio would be more economical. Hell, she could open a chain of them for others to use.
  20. Pretty sure Guy Oseary said she had a recording studio in her townhouse in NYC, where she finished the initial 6 Rebel Heart tracks that were rush released, and I think it was said she was building one at her Hamptons home as well.
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