So, this Thursday is the official 40th anniversary of her being a creamy smooth pop icon goddess. Do we think this is when we’ll get full details/pre-order link of the first reissue release(s)?

Wow, would have totally overlooked this, thanks.

Anyone planning on doing anything special in celebration of the lady? Music marathons? Videos? Adding raw sugar to your tea?
I’m still very down for new remixes if not fully original material. Though, if that’s the case, I hope it’s not just Sickkick mixes, and she seeks out other producers as well. But on the flipside, I do recall her saying she would be down to work on original material with him, so it truly could be either.

I’m curious where the talk of “Hung Over” came from being the title of the Tokischa remix… maybe it’s the title for a full remix project instead?
I think this was for one of the "Frozen" mixes we never got?

She did write new lyrics for "Material Gworl" too. Her saying ~back at it~ has me hoping for all new music, but I'm also not getting my hopes up too high just yet.

I don’t think she’s working on an album though, maybe she’s just bored and wants to do an off single or something. I’m not familiar with his work, I just hope it’s not a 1 minute tick tock song.
As far as I know she just has an editing room for videos in her London house, she said (was it at the time of Confessions/Celebration or even Madame X I can’t remember) that having a studio in the house is a terrible idea because of the vibrations.
I was listening to Can't Stop on my constitutional last night. Could it be the most slept-on Madonna song, even among die-hard fans?

Also, it'd be nice to get some updated certs from Warner/RIAA for #Madonna40 this week!

Can't stop is Ost track... you have to play the WTG ost to listen to it, it was not a single, it's not on any compilation... If I wanna play The look of love, I can play the cdsingle. Same for Time Stood Still: a single would have been so good ! And maybe it deserved it ! If the look of love has one, why not Time stood still ? It's a great ballad.