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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Can't stop is Ost track... you have to play the WTG ost to listen to it, it was not a single, it's not on any compilation... If I wanna play The look of love, I can play the cdsingle. Same for Time Stood Still: a single would have been so good ! And maybe it deserved it ! If the look of love has one, why not Time stood still ? It's a great ballad.
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  2. Can't Stop is classic 80s Madonna, those verses, that chorus and THAT middle eight? Yes yes and yes.
  3. Can’t stop has probably her best ever bridge.
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  4. Every Who's That Girl song is a 10/10. Three classic bops and a classic ballad.
  5. Surely that has to be Vogue! Or True Blue or Into The Groove or Live To Tell or Rain!! God there’s loads
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  6. Who's That Girl has THE middle eight.
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  7. Another corker!
  8. Drowned World/Substitute For Love is also a good option.
  9. Oh lemme throw Little Star into the conversation.

    may the angels protect you and sadness forget you
    little star
    there's no reason to weep, lay your head down to sleep
    little star
    may goodness surround you, my love i have found you
    little star
    shining bright
  10. Madonna + middle 8 - I don't know a better combination.
  11. We need a Supercut of all her best middle-8s.

  12. Now I'm Following You Part 2 is such a bop honestly.
  13. On the Who's That Girl era, Madonna's star was shining so bright that it was bordering an over-saturation. And I think this was certainly reflected on the quality of the music. Who's That Girl, Causing a Commotion, The Look Of Love and Can't Stop would be great songs for most 80s artists, but for Madonna, they were close to self-parody with little evolution compared to what she did on La Isla Bonita, Into The Groove, Live To Tell and Where's The Party.

    I do like these songs and still scream #JusticeForCommotion on Finally Enough Love, but I'm just glad Madonna took some time off after Who's That Girl to cool down and recalculate the route which eventually led up into Like A Prayer and kickoff the most artistic period in Madonna's career: the 90s.
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  14. I’m always taken aback by the middle 8 in Words. I’m not sure why but that one seems… unexpectedly great somehow?
  15. It's like she sort of did what everyone at the time was doing and copied herself. I think it has to be intentional. Or she just didn't want to move forward an inch on a soundtrack.
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  16. Who's That Girl songs were a continuation of True Blue style, plus she served quality. Only Can't Stop was a weak song. Still a bop.

    It isn't a big deal that she didn't do something different on a soundtrack. Yeah, some songs could have been made by other artists, but the same could be said for some stuff on True Blue.

    Just because Who's That Girl was a Latino inspired song, doesn't mean she literally rehashed La Isla Bonita. In fact, she managed to do a different kind of Latino inspired song. And she did it again with Spanish Eyes, Medellin and other songs.
  17. Yep! One of the highlights from I'm Breathless for sure. Would have made a great single.
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  18. This, plus the songs from Who's That Girl? perfectly captured the spirit of the film. The Look of Love is gorgeous. Plus, Who's That Girl? the song, like Material Girl, became connected to Madonna and her status as a pop culture icon. Can't Stop always reminds me that if she had stayed with Breakfast Club, it definitely could have been a song they would record.
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