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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I had to check the legendary Madonna discography rate run by the equally legendary @RJF and was shocked to learn that Can't Stop came in at 202 out of 227! I thought it rated higher.

    Can't Stop lower than Candy Shop.

    It should have been higher.

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  2. I can see why people think she was treading water in 1987 but all four of those songs demonstrated she was at peak middle-eight!
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  3. Just in case there's any doubt about who's paying for dinner


  4. She had to change her sound in 1989 because Debbie, Martika, Taylor, etc all spent 1987 and 1988 having hit after hit with Madonna soundalike bops. Win win for us!
  5. I think Martika's Toy Soldiers proved she wasn't 'copying' Madonna's sound?
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  7. Nope, would be the first time! Apparently she was close with MDNA but it didn’t work out.
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  8. Is it me or is she looking more naturally taut in recent pictures? Not just the filtered instagram pics but also in shots takes by the pappz. Could she be working on her physical shape for a new tour? Because if she does kick off a tour next year chances are she'll start rehearsals early 2023. Depending on when the show will premiere...

  9. Anyone know what the actual release date for "Everybody" was? As the tweet points out the 5th would have been a Tuesday.
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  10. Every online search states that it was released on the 6th of October.
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  11. In London!

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  12. Okay but the album was definitely Madonna inspired? More Than You Know? And all those girls got signed because of Madonna let's face it.
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  14. I hope she does it on the next tour, there have been so many times where we almost got a performance of the song on the recent tours.
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  15. I really hope we will get the next re-issue announcement tomorrow...
  16. I think the Who's That Girl film is pretty bad, but, with the exception of Can't Stop, M's songs are all great. The middle eight of Who's That Girl is so uplifting and beautiful.
  17. Icantstopshitting.gif

    This is such an exciting time to be a fan
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