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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. That really would be perfect timing. Fingers crossed!
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  2. And while the chorus of Toy Soldiers is not very Madonna-like, the rest of it is at least Madonna-adjacent.
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  3. I love the movie and need it in my life on Blu-Ray! The Madonna songs are all excellent, although I can see why Can´t Stop might be considered a little autopilot-like.
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  4. I hope too but all I expect is the announcement of the RSD reissue of the vinyl since I don’t think they talked about it on the official website with a press release.I hope I’m wrong.
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  6. It was such a highlight in 'The Girlie Show' - my first time seeing her live.

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  7. Momther looking like a SNATCHED Daria character and quoting Secret Garden on her stories I know that's right
  8. Secret Garden is sublime. The improvisation at the end is pure ecstasy but gets interrupted too soon. I really hope they are able to find a longer version without the fade-out laying around for the Erotica SDE.
  9. Truly, I would love if a longer version existed. There have been a few good fanmade ones over the years but I just refuse to believe that there's not more to the piano solo than what made it onto the album. I could live in it
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  10. And Cross My Heart, but I preferred Eighth Wonder's version...
  11. Happy 40th to Everybody-the one that started it all! Still sounds so good.
  12. Mvnl

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    Is that Everybody single on Spotified remastered/the start of rereleases or just 'here's the track again as a single'?
  13. Just playing it, and sounds remastered to me.
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  14. The original version of Everybody sounds so limp now that I've been hammering the You Can Dance version from her latest compilation.
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  15. I can’t believe the 7” version of Everybody completely omits the middle 8, literally the best bit?? This is where I think the Celebration got the edit right.
  16. So disappointed there's no announcement today about the reissues, certifications or something. What are they waiting for at this point?

    They said "more to come this year".
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  18. The most overlooked thing about Can't Stop is vocoder usage. Something that will become a key element in latter part of her career.
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  19. My co-worker (big Madonna fan) and I are listening to a playlist of outtakes and deep cuts today.

    To this day, does anyone know what the male singer in Ciao Bella is saying? Specifically, is there a translation? I've never found one and I've only seen vague explanations of what the song might be about.
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