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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. 40 years of Everybody. A musical milestone like no other; a legend is born, and it sounds every bit as fresh and brilliant now as it did then.

    The 40th anniversary of her debut single deserved a super deluxe reissue announcement.
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  2. I'm going to sound like I'm grasping at straws here but it is technically still Thursday, and we didn't really expect the press release announcing the reissues that dropped on her birthday last year to come at all...perhaps mother has a surprise up her sleeve?
  3. Weren’t there a load of single remixes for Everybody that can only be found on the original vinyl? I seem to remember the UK single mixes were quite a bit different from the standard mix?

    Hoping for them on the album reissue.

    Looks like she hated the remix so maybe not?

  4. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that Madonna did not like the Rusty Egan mix.
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  8. A 'distressed' tee, an overpriced lithograph and a digital single - when did she put the George Michael Estate in charge of her reissues campaign?
  9. Last year one of the producers posted on Twitter they’d been contacted asking for the Everybody remix masters, I’m sure it was Rusty, but, it’s been so long I’m now questioning if I’ve twisted this a bit.
  10. Rusty's updated mix from 2020 is cute.

  11. It was Rusty.
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  12. Well the album 40th will be next year, and we had tons of stuff this year. All I ask is an announcement about the first deluxe. They clearly already have a plan.
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  13. I'm so grateful to live in the same timeline as this woman, watching this made me emotional.

  14. The greatest ever pop star...and by some distance too. Nobody else even comes close.
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  16. Their entertainment and arts coverage has always been separate from their political writers who control the front page. Their music section has always positively reviewed her albums
  17. Hope we get every single that turns 40 re released on 12" vinyl...
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