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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Amen to that - in a new artwork.
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  2. She posted "JUST GETTING STARTED" on her stories just now with a photo from the early days.

  3. What we want: Deluxe Boxsets, CDs, Vinyl albums, 12" and 7"' reissues, the whole shebang.

    What we'll get: Deluxe versions (2 extra tracks) on Streaming only.
  4. Considering we are already getting items like the Erotica picture disc and the new Everybody 12" I am hopeful that we will get some interesting things in this campaign. I don´t have that much hope for lots of unreleased stuff though, but you never know.
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  5. I think we'll get interesting things - the fact that they dug out an actual unreleased single remix of Keep It Together shows that there's quite an effort.
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  6. Yeah, we want the comprehensive sets her eras truly deserve.
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  7. Also I would love a selection of unreleased songs but I don’t need 10 versions of Liquid Love, just give me the best one!
  8. I'd love a singles boxset for each era. All the 7" Edits/Mixes, 12" Mixes, Instrumentals, Club Mixes/Edits, and B-Sides.
  9. I would love all of this but I don't think it's gonna happen... How many discs of Erotica or ROL or Music ? 8 - 9 discs ? And how many vinyls ? 15 ? And if you add a dvd with videos and live performances the boxset is getting too big! I say it again: I would love this, but it's not that likely to happen.
  10. I think what has been done with the Prince albums is pretty great, with super deluxe CD and vinyl boxes that include loads of extras.

    On top of that I would love a 12", 7" and CD box sets of singles for each individual album. That would mean that extra mixes and edits that don´t fit on the regular box could be included on those.

    Just don´t do the dreadful digital/streaming-only bonus tracks!
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  11. Depeche Mode have been reissuing all their 12” singles in box sets per album era, so it’s completely achievable.
  12. I think a proper Madonna singles set would be amazing - and needed. But I would also want a CD version, like the Bananarama one or Girls Aloud.

    And I would love a Blu-Ray of Madonna's videos remastered. I know video anthologies by way of physical media are pretty much a relic but this is Madonna we're talking about. We really need a Blu-Ray of her videos with commentary, liner notes, etc.
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  13. A Blu-Ray set of her videos and select performances (and full length tours – looking at you, Confessions) would be great, as long as they can manage to find better sources than what have been used for the 4K upscales on her YouTube channel. They really should work with fans on some of this stuff to ensure quality. Interlaced Geek did an amazing remaster of her "Vogue" VMA performance that should have been put up on her channel for the anniversary.

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  14. I would love a Madonna commentary on all her videos, but it just doesn't seem her... she seems a person who gets bored quite quickly, can't see her spending hours commenting her videos. At least, it would take some sessions. But it would be so interesting. Her memories and her wit !
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  15. Still waiting for her to do My Life In Looks
  16. Something like what Mariah just did for "Honey" would be cute. Just short featurettes for maybe not all her videos, but for the most popular ones/her favorites

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  17. I would love this.
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  18. If she could do a commentary in the style of the recent Hung Up one with Stuart Price I’d be very happy, I just love how serious and informative, it was so much better than those brief side comments we got during that Sirius Madonna Madame X week, where she didn’t tell us anything about most of the songs we’d love to know more about.
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  19. "Bella Ciao" is a famous antifascist song. As a mass movement, fascism preys on the fears and hopelessness of people to turn them into supporters of extreme-right political projects centered around the violent subordination and extermination of people considered "enemies" or "inferior".

    As the closer of Madame X, an album thematically centered around domination and oppression – and also rebellion – the free-flowing vibe of this song feels like a breath of fresh air, a moment of overcoming despair and feeling hope again.

    The singer is Kimi Djabaté and the language sung is African Creole. I was able to find an Italian translation of his parts which I translated into English. Certainly something is lost on translation but it seems to deal with the history of imperialism and colonialism in Africa.

    It fills up day by day
    What do you say?
    He was bored
    To collect
    German man
    They use man
    And stunned
    I'm not careful
    God fired
    What do you say?
    What guys
    And I read it well
    And your every mother
    And I read it well
    And your every mother
    And your every mother
    And your every mother
    Your mother reads
    I don't hesitate
    And there she said
    And your every mother
    And that's not all
    And that's not all
    And your every mother
    And that's not all
    And your every mother
    Or as she wanted as she wanted Allah
    And just like me
    The bad guys hurt
    Or move there Allah
    How and how
    As before Allah
    And your every mother
    And every ray
    And your every mother
    Or mom read
    I don't hesitate
    And every mulatto life
    Made in the prison bathroom
    And everyone is like mom
    Everyone gives tomorrow
    And everyone is like mom
    Leave your girlfriend
    And mom reads

    Ooooh oooh
    How is your girlfriend
    She could die later
    He might die later

    Oooh how
    Like lightning
    With my mom and many
    It hurts my mom
    That's my wall
    It came as it did
    In battle Africa
    In battle
    She knew each other
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  20. We’ll get a bonus CD of remixes for each remastered album and we’ll deal
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