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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Why does COADF sound so fresh two decades later? Talk about a timeless album. Her music has this way of transcending time.
  2. I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't heard the little breakdown of Hung Up her and Stuart did but I just did and... Madonna talking about music is my favorite thing in the world. She is so particular and detail oriented but there's also such an instinctual side to her where she just knows what works. I wish she did 15 minutes of talking about every single she ever released.
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  3. Back in NYC!

  4. You’re a god for this, thank you so much.
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  5. I implore everyone to watch this if you haven't, what an amazing collection of moments.
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  6. I would like this to be broadcast across every network and streaming service simultaneously so that everyone is forced to watch this and remember how this woman changed the world. Even just the top 10 will do.
  7. Watching the 40 Moments video it's interesting to think about how she was able to turn things around following the intense backlash in 1992. Talk about a comeback. I never saw that Julia Louis-Dreyfus clip before either and as a fan I'm disappointed to see she partook in the demonization.
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  8. Wow this is fantastic - the sheer amount of effort thats gone in to it is astounding. Very high quality production that's incredibly comprehensive.
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  9. Yeah I feel that, when she’s talking about music in detail, she’s at her most authentic and grounded, and speaking from a place of real mastery. She truly is a musician and not just a vocalist and lyricist.
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  11. I would say the American Life single / MV being cancelled is a bit more iconic than some of these choices
  12. I never understood that. She claimed that she shot the video before war was declared by dates prove otherwise.
  13. I agree but this video is based on a poll that happened on Madonna-Infinty (I believe) so it is not hard to guess why anything American Life is not here, it is such a divisive era between fans.
    That's also the reason why things like Bitch I'm Madonna and God Control are not in it.

    Nonetheless the video is incredibly edited and sums up really well what Madonna is as an artist, a popstar and the true value of her work.
  14. Didn't Madonna film the video for "American Life" in January 2003? That was before the Iraq War, at least going by the dates online.
  15. The original American Life video is one of my favorite visuals she's ever created. There's something about the way it manages to feel unsettling, high fashion, and almost cartoony that just works so well
  16. Before 1990?
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