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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Well obviously we were talking about the one in 2003, when American Life came out? Why would anyone be talking about 1990?
  2. I just want her to release the Lucky Star 7" single on streaming.
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  3. Because the original post talked about ‘the’ Iraq war.
  4. LTG


    If you were talking about events that took place in 1939 and referred to them happening before “the war” you wouldn’t be suggesting there was only ever one war. Talking about the Iraq war in reference to 2003 is obvious what you’re talking about. And the other one’s mostly referred to as the Gulf war.
  5. Is this potentially new Madonna music or an unidentified track from another singer ?

  7. Madonna (re)entering her trance era
  8. Madame X goes to Café Del Mar
  9. But that track does not have any vocals. This does...
  10. Yeah it's not the same track. Instrumental is different.
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  11. I feel like that's a pretty standard riff (?) in dance. Shazam pulled up a totally different song when I searched, but not the one in her video.

  12. Shazam gives me zillions of options. Something new every time I try. And sound hound doesn't even recognise it at all. This is not Blossom by Merkie, complete lack of vocals and indeed as Bazayer pointed out, a different instrumental. Knowing M, she's going to be very coy and keep teasing this..

    Anyone able to make out what the lyrics are? I think I hear "Control yourself" somewhere in there...
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  13. It does sort of sound like her in the clip.
  14. *Preparing myself for 3 years of teases and #soon*

    [LOVING the direction if this is indeed hers]
  15. Declaration of war was in October 2002. The US was going to war. It was a done deal and she still chose to do the video in January. It’s wasn’t filmed before the decision had been made. That’s why her excuse for not releasing it never held water, aside from fearing her and her children’s safety. There was word that Liz was totally against the album and the video. I wonder if Madonna was talked into not releasing it like Guy talked her into not going with the Black Madonna concept.
  16. I don't recall this? Liz and Caresse publicly stated a few times that the video would be released at a later date. Liz wouldn't have a say in the album or video to begin with, since she was only Madonna's publicist. In any case, there was no declaration in October 2002 (I don't believe there was a declaration of war, period). Congress authorized that Bush could exercise the right to use military action, which he did in March 2003, which is what I assume is what Madonna was referring to when she made her comment on why she decided to pull the video.
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  17. Maybe this is the track...
  18. Her stories show David and some other kid at the studio. Watch this be David's musical debut with a few vocals from Madonna only, scream.
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