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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Madonna would be viewed very differently if she'd chosen to quietly age into respectability and abandoned the restlessness and provocation that are her basic essence. I'm glad she's stayed the same. There's definitely been missteps along the way, but she's remained interesting in a way that so many of her 80s contemporaries have not.

    Sometimes I think how many of her most iconic moments would be called "desperate" if she did them today.
  2. I wouldn't trust that source at all. Nothing they have 'reported' has been correct.
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  3. "New" EP ? Which one was her last EP ? Remixed & Revisited ?
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  4. I don't know her track record, but I do like the buzz and it would logically fit what we've seen happening lately. Recording sessions in the studio, tour prepping. I can't imagine her releasing a full blown album if she intends to go on tour next summer or fall, but new material would certainly help sell tickets and generate buzz. So an EP sounds logical. Pump out a few new top tracks and ride the wave into ticket sales!
  5. I mean, I really can't imagine Madonna doing an EP.
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  6. Oh, is this not the moment to celebrate Niki's backing vocals on Fever? ("YOU GIIIIVE ME.")

    (I can't hear Donna, okay?)
  7. Would Heather lie
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  8. Perhaps an EP of her latest remixes, but different songs like Music and Ray of Light?
  9. Also, by end of the year? I didn't think labels release new singles to radio in December due to the heavy rotation of Christmas music.
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  10. Did they used “The Weeknd EP” news from two years ago? It was the same news.
  11. Not here for an EP that goes digital only. I´d rather wait and get a proper album.
  12. Literally nobody is doing EPs right now. It makes no sense.
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  13. Sorry Ana but the last time everybody talked about Madonna so much was last week with the whole coming out video, and way more than the Cardi story

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  14. I can only assume they bashed her on The View as is most often the case.
  15. An EP of Frozen remixes.
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  16. Yes, don’t really care for EPs. I would prefer a full length album.
    I can’t see her doing an EP.
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  17. Happy 28th birthday to this classic!

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  18. Fuck an EP. I need an album. Part of the excitement of getting new Madonna music is to see what kind of story she tells and how it's sequenced. That factor would be so watered down with an EP.
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