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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. That’s pretty much how it was for me when I finally got my hands on the single back in the day! I was gutted…but kinda loved it too.
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  2. We loved anything mother threw at us then!
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  3. Demo, albeit a slowdowned version. As usual, someone already uploaded it illegally on streaming services under the different artist name.
  4. i cant get excited by demos
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  5. I've never heard it before and love it - any chance she'll release it do you think?
  6. I would be surprised if they released that version officially. But she’s been full of surprises lately. I didn’t think she’d hop on “Frozen” like she did.
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  7. Yeah, I don’t think they will release demo version officially, but it would be a good move to get Madame X bonus disc on streaming now.
  8. ‘Back That Up’ is a banger, especially in its original form and I will gladly die on that hill. It’s so demented.
  9. 772,663 views on YouTube can’t be wrong!
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  10. A digital Rain EP is planned for next week. Don't know the tracklist.
  11. Piggybacking off of the Die Another Day praise a few pages back, this slaps already !

  12. I wonder will she comment on the Weird Al Yankovic biopic. Hopefully she has a sense of humour about it anyway, seems like she has a pretty big role in it.
  13. I've been wondering about this since it came out. It's clearly satirical, I feel like she already liked the original Weird Al Virgin parody, and I would think that if she didn't approve of her likeness in some way that it wouldn't have been used in the film at all.
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  14. Just to troll me it'll include Open Your Heart [As featured in the Peugot TV ad]
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  15. The shot used for the Rain single cover is one of my favorite photos of her ever. The whole shoot is great, but that one in particular...stunning.
  16. Which makes the 12" single absolutely gorgeous!

    No but in all seriousness, I am still pressed the way she released the first 6 tracks of Rebel Heart didn't do anything for her chart stats. This day and age she would've had 6 more entries in the Hot 100. Some of them, perhaps all, inside the top 10. But no use in crying over spilled milk I guess.

    And since we're on that topic, I often wonder if releasing Ghosttown as the lead would've done better. It was an entirely new unleaked song and it ended up being a single anyway.
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