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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I have been listening to 80s Madonna a lot recently and thought I would try my hand at making a dance version of Dear Jessie - a song I know divides her hardcore fans. Personally I love it - and a lot of her "lighter" moments so decided to give it a disco meets electronic makeover.
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  2. For those interested or people who didn't know, back in 1996 William Orbit had a half hour radio show on KCRW in Los Angeles every Friday around midnight for three months. He basically played what he wanted and all tracks were mixed, scratched and fused live on air. The show contains many shards and fragments that would later become the base for tracks he would create for Madonna's Ray of Light album.

    I've found this three hour version of the recordings, which are a lot of fun to listen to. At the 44:00 mark you can hear a very rough instrumental of what would later turn into Swim for instance. At 55:55 you can hear the "you say" vocal which opens "Drowned World/Substitute For Love", mixed with elements from Shanti. At 58:24 a very rough draft of what later turned into Ray of Light, and so on. I highly recommend having a listen.

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  3. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. It seems so crazy to imagine they used to preview music like this and now everything\everyone is so secretive.
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  4. Well he began working with Madonna the following year, so it wasn’t a preview of a Madonna track back then and for Ray Of Light he used lots of music he already made. There was a preview of Candy Perfume Girl at a Versace show in the fall of 1997 though, at least according with Icon since I never found the actual clip.
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  5. Love this, also seems to be bits of “Has To Be” mixed in with those “Drowned World”/“Shanti” elements.
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  6. Orbit's ('98-2000) material with her is so iconic.
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  7. Egg-spress yourself don’t repress yourself, I guess?
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  10. Please let this be an introduction to the Erotica anniversary edition, just in time for Christmas. "Bye Bye Baby" is also coming in the same time period.
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  11. If Erotica is the first of the album re issues coming, will be very happy indeed.
  12. I'd be so happy if the 1st reissue would be Erotica, but why releasing all those digital EP before the announcement ? It would have made sense to announce the reissue and then releasing the digital EPS in the weeks before the release. What's left now for promotion ?
    I know: "they can release the Erotica demo to promote the reissue.", but the digital EPs would have made a great promotion for younger generations.
    Another thing: IF she's really making new music and IF she's about to release a new album next year, it means: new album, Erotica reissue, new tour in the same year ? Maybe new album in psring/early summer and reissue in late Autumn ?
  13. Fingers crossed they know what they are doing and it all works out well in the end!
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  14. My fav album collaborating with Saint Laurent? I won
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  15. For Madonna' next album, I would love something very lyrics-focused with close-to-the-mic vocals, the way her vocals sounded on American Life.

    She's a great lyricist when she puts in the effort, so I'd like to see that effort carried across a whole album. We haven't really gotten consistent effort on the words since American Life.
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  16. That really is much better. Such an fantastic music video this.
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  17. I always forget how much I love this video.

    Worth noting that very few stars today can carry a video based on themselves in front a green screen like that. Body, face and attitude.
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  18. Although the Fever video is not particularly Erotica-like in its vibe, I do love it nevertheless. Very striking imagery.
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